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  1. Oh man Melty Blood. I love that game. You've gotta make Warakia too.
  2. I would also disagree with that notion. A remix that has none of the original source material isn't a remix, is it? But a remix that branches off and changes up the source material on a very liberal level, and changes the entire feel of the song, but still contains some elements, is still a remix. That's what I was getting at. Because people have different views and ideas on how a certain video game songs can and should sound, and sometimes that vision may include radical departures from what's there to begin with. Certain songs strike people in different ways, so how you think a song should sound when remixed may be completely different from what I think. To me, remixing is only partially nostalgia: Over my years of listening to this stuff, I've come to appreciate the artists themselves more so than the game factor, and I enjoy a lot of remixes from games I've never even touched. Good way to discover new, fun games to play. It's not just me saying "oh this song sounds like it should be a techno song and if it isn't remixed as techno it sucks". I've heard remixes of songs that were made in a style I never imagined for that specific song, and still liked it. As I said, most of the songs I'm complaining about, I actually *do* like. They're amazing songs, but I can't call them remixes. That's the thing. It's got nothing to do with what I think a remix for a song should sound like (in fact these remixes in particular still do capture the feeling I think a remix for the respective levels should) it's that I don't think they meet the basic definition of being a *remix*. Oh, and one of my favorite remixes is Sonic 3D Blast's Blissful Eruption, a song for a game I've played a very few amount of times, only once or twice actually making it to the level the song remixes, and so I don't *at all* know the source song, yet I still love the remix.
  3. I'd disagree with the idea that a remix doesn't have to sound anything like the source material. If you do that, then you're basically writing your own, unique song. It's not really a remix then, but an entirely new creation. I don't come to ocremix to hear new songs. I come to ocremix to hear new imaginative, inventive and interesting twists on songs from games I loved. After all, if you don't want to create a remix that sounds at all like the original song, why are you even remixing it in the first place? Go somewhere else and just whip up a new song.
  4. Here's a few of some Nack sprites from Triple Trouble. I'm considering trying to make some out of the Drift 2 stuff and possibly some comic scans but especially in the case of comic scans, it would require some serious tweaking to not look like fish. Anyway LT: First two aren't that good, and I already accepted a sub of that 3rd one, only brighter and faced in the other direction. But keep subbing more ideas as long as they're good. edit: Ah, I see that now back on the 7th page. I don't mind putting extra effort into fixing up a sprite to make it submission worthy, but I'm a bit confused, what was it that's wrong with the sprites? Comparing what I did with the accepted one the other guy made, I notice his is brighter and thus, clearer. Is that all though? You have a better eye so I don't mind asking before I start. It's a bit difficult because the only sprites of Nack are poor quality gamegear ones in the first place. But I'm not asking for sympathy, just suggestions. LT: Sega Genesis (possibly Game Gear too) sprites tend to be darker than normal, so they usually need to be brightened a little bit to match up with our typical forum avatars. In the case of Nack above, the sprites are just ugly, so there's nothing you can so about that.
  5. WIP does mean Work In Progress, right? One of my favorite tracks is actually Water on the Dancefloor but it clearly sounds incomplete, like it just cuts off. There any stated release date? As for the rest, I honestly loved it all except for Knuckleduster. Vocals very rarely do it for me. It hardly matters the style, just vocals at all. A few of them, though I still liked, I couldn't hear the source material in it. That Freezing Feeling, while I like it and it certainly does bring to mind snowy mostly iced over glaciers and such during night to me - it doesn't bring to mind *Ice Cap* in particular. I just can't hear ice cap zone in it. Elevator music, again while I really like it all the same, I can't hear launch base zone in it. Aside from that I don't have any complaints. Also I'm probably one of the few to actually think the best tracks on the project are the competition menu + vs mode tracks. Then again it's probably because those source songs always were nostalgic to me for some reason.
  6. Skies of Arcadia is in sore need of more remixes, but you picked some of the worst songs, imo. Okay, not battle 2 so much, but great silver temple? boring.. I'm more for "military facility dungeon" "nervous crisis" or just the boss battle music/bombardment 2. also: ramirez's theme and the final boss music.
  7. Awesome. You captured the emotions perfectly - and that's really no easy task. This so perfectly brings up what I was feeling when I watched that scene in the game, even moreso because Auron was by far my favorite character. This does it even *better* than the game, really, because the game just kindof breezed past that part focusing more on Tidus/Yuna. This lasts, you see. Hard to believe this is a first submission, it's that good.
  8. This remix is really nice. Laid back, relaxing tune..very easy to loop. Which happens to be my favorite kind of remix.
  9. This is amazing. It's very rare that I hear a remix with vocals, and *like* it. Even rarer that I'm moved enough to bother commenting on the forums, unskilled music aficionado that I am. I like the mix of the two vocalists, both are very skilled and sound nice, and the lyrics somehow manage to mix in a love song *and* the feeling of Lava Reef Zone; that is the mentions of fire and ice reflect both lovers emotions, and the zones progression from fire to ice. Really nice. As for the song itself; it's very high quality. It seriously sounds like alot more than a remix; like something you'd find on a professional CD or something. Haha. Yeah. I love how they're direct references to the levels, though. Sandopolis, Lava Reef, hidden palace, Ice cap(!!) It's great. I could only catch the rather obvious Lava Reef references...What are the other zone references?
  10. This really isn't bad at all. Lyrics are kindof corny, but it fits so I like it. Nice atmosphere, too, really sounds as if I was at some lounge listening to it performed live. I'm glad you didn't go overboard with it, like some people would, and add in background shouting/clapping every few seconds; which ruins it. You did it only at fitting moments. If I had one complaint, it's the beginning recitation of the Sega sound..It's good, but if you're listening to the song on repeat, it's kindof grating.
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