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  1. Alright, so at about 0:22, I start hearing crickets chirping in the background. I think to myself, "great another mix of ice cap to delete... no, I'm going to overwrite it... with a strong bad e-mail." To prove how horrible I thought it was, I pulled the headphones plug out of my stereo, and yell to my roommate, "Listen to this crap! He's got crickets in the background! BOREFEST!" Then, I hit 1:08. I started thinking, oh my rod! I love the lyrics. They're much better than a Mario mix I've heard (it's not on the site from my search) where the lyrics are something like "I'm gonna git that princess... gonna **** her all night... gotta get that princess in my bed tonight..." Sure, no Sonic basis in the lyrics, but DOES THAT MATTER? I could chill to this 23/7 and sleep 1/7. Congrats on being the second Ice Cap mix i've kept.
  2. I open the file for the first time, and I think "crap! I mixed my sound bytes with my OCRemixes again!" Then the principal mentions "Kakariko High School," and I have to start the file over just to get the full flavor... rather than wonder what movie I may have grabbed the byte from. HILARIOUS intro! I usually laugh at how perfectly the melody fits in with the piece. This got me on the ground before the thing starts officially. Like has been said before, the percussion is a weak point... I'd have to say it's worst just before the end. And for closing with as much humor, props to ya!