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  1. So sweetly melancholy... the piano arrangement is just what this song needed. Gau was such a sweetie too... "Mr. Thou!!!" *giggles*
  2. McVaffe, i adore you. Melodies of Life was the best song on the FFIX soundtrack, and this remix is the best track i've found on the site so far. *melts into puddle of happiness*
  3. mmm, i SO agree... it's the kind of music that you hear in the background of your most romantic daydreams... *sighs happily* This song is amazing.
  4. The sweetness of Aeris' theme is only enhanced by the addition of the prelude passages. i'm in love.
  5. i definitely like the upbeat feeling that this has... it's a nice change from the slightly melancholy feeling that the Aeris theme usually has.
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