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  1. Great Remix, though towards the end of the song it sounds exactly like Howie Day's Bunnies song off The Madrigals E.P. from 2003 and i mean exactly which is not a bad thing, just thought it was funny and worth mentioning to check out if you like this song.
  2. wow this is exactly what i was looking for thanks a ton
  3. I was just wondering if there was a list or link to some remix album projects besides the ones OCR related. I have a few that don't seem to be hosted here like boundtogether, cave story remix project, and project bad dudes. I've searched around and found a ton of WIP albulms that seem to be OCR related, but i can't help wonder how many great remix albulms i don't know about. If anybody can just say the name of or link to some great albums they know of that would be awsome. preferably finished ones
  4. i think the voice sample says "turn the flame higher" and indeed it is a really cool voice sample. really liked the song even though it does have a muffled sound, maybe it couldn't be helped in the recording, maybe it was on purporse. but the "music" is there regardless of condition of the music. wow thats a good phrase, someone quote me.
  5. I love this remix. I'm totally surprised at the negative responce its getting. yeah the guitar sounds off key at times, but it just makes the atmosphear in my opinion. when i listen to this song i picture 3 guys in a garage "jamming" nothing more nothing less. just jamming. i think thats great. I don't know the history of the song or what all went in to making this medly but i think ppl are looking too deep into it and looking for "technical" errors or whathave you. its just some guys jamming to me keep on rockin!
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