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  1. Because Kickstarter is what all the cool kids are doing nowadays. Seriously. Kickstarter existed well before Double-fine made a boatload of money off of it. Very few people cared. But once they did, and it became a big news item, everyone and their dog that ever wanted free money sent their way without having to deal with all that "loan process" business hopped right on the bandwagon.
  2. The amount of hate being posted in this thread for Squenix is pretty silly, to be honest. Look at how many Squenix property remixes are on OCRemix, and continue to be there today. Look at how many albums have been made for Squenix properties that are on OCRemix, and continue to be there today. Squenix was cool with it until they put up a kickstarter and raked in nearly a hundred grand off of Squenix's properties. They're just doing their job to protect their IP.
  3. Rikimaru. All other supposed ninjas mentioned in this thread are just generic action heroes wearing ninja outfits. None of them employ any significant amounts of stealth and deception.
  4. Toonami died a looong time ago when they replaced Moltar with Tom. Back in the good ol' days toonami was about showing new western action cartoons like Swat Kats. Back when CN was actually a good network and did cool things like... gah, I can't remember the name of the show because it's been a decade (lulz), but it was the original format of Cartoon Cartoons. A half-hour block that showed three new indy 'toons, where Courage the Cowardly Dog and Powerpuff Girls got their starts and had that one show with the rat and the fly (Rat on a hot tin can or something like that). Then they brought in To
  5. Having tooled around with the game, I will give credit where it's due for very nice visual design and most of the game design -- it feels good as a 2D game and has an appropriate amount of visual impact (characters flying back from explosions, bouncing and detonating more things is sublime) and some really good music. Story is interesting, if a tad cliched, but then everything is these days and that's not really a big fault. I will say it's in dire need of another balance pass or two though. In a game like this where the player is given a choice as to how to develop their character, the game m
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