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  1. MyDataNest http://www.mdn.fm/ Free registration (paid options available), which gets you: 50MB upload limit. 2GB space. 10GB monthly bandwidth. Custom folders. Direct links to both files (that's right, no download pages here) and entire folders. I use this for large images as well (since Photobucket has a 1MB limit). Also, I have no idea if they delete stuff due to inactivity, but since they don't mention anything about it (that I could find) I assume they don't. Wonderful site.
  2. Well, that's what I get for not paying attention. I even had the Wikipedia article opened on a different tab. *looks again* And apparently it was Voltron.
  3. I think Toonami could've had a chance (maybe slight) even WITH Tom-with-eyes had they kept One Piece. Replacing that with whatever shlock they thought was supposed to be good (I forgot what it was) ended up being IMO the mistake that ultimately killed Toonami. And to think that it was originally an anime block. Edit: And Ani-Monday.
  4. http://www.gaijinside.com/live-from-anime-weekend-atlanta/ March 17, 1997 to September 20, 2008 Thoughts?
  5. I still have Nanaca Crash saved on my computer (thank you Temporary Internet Files). Worse, I used to have a link to it on my desktop. That game took weeks out of my life. I'm now afraid of playing it again for fear of attempting to beat my old record of like 8000 or so. *is resisting urge to click on the addicting games.com link a few posts back*
  6. A remix of Elegant Summer from Melty Blood using nothing but a couple of spoons and a kazoo. But sadly, I don't have a kazoo. I'd also probably do a rock remix of the menu theme from Metroid Prime, the Sand Ocean theme from F-Zero, and Castle in the Mist (I think that's the name) from Ico - in one epic song, and with 3/4 timing. Yeah, so what if I'm overly ambitious? Edit: I just killed another topic again, didn't I? Fuck...
  7. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Project_Offset
  8. Why am I getting a 404 when I try to download this? From all three mirrors? Oh well, at least I've got the instrumental version. ...no, that's not helping. I NEED THE VOCAL VERSION! *sobs* I hope the links get fixed, unless this song was a victim of the lockdown process. Then I'll need a link to the OC ReMoved archives I've been hearing about (I'm getting this song no matter what). I just hope this is all worth it (considering the only vocal song I actually like isn't even on OCR: Ailsean's version of "Time in a Bottle").
  9. Thanks! Yeah, lack of backbone has been a big problem with me. I've been slowly gathering backbone over the weeks though, so eventually I should be just fine. So yeah, if anyone's got some spare backbone, FedEx it my way. I'm what you call a "Backbone Gatherer." Or - um - something like that. Yeah, I've no clue what I said, either. I'm a lost, lost, soul with a strange, strange, mind. How sad.
  10. Hi, I'm relatively new to the OCR forums (finally got the guts to register), but I've visited OCR for a fairly long time now. Well, long for me at least (maybe a year). I've got a fairly large amount of songs from here and VGMix (I'm guessing somewhere around 300-400, more if you count artist originals and non-video game songs), and - well - yeah. I'm from Twin Falls, Idaho, I'm 18 (turning 19 in around two months), and I don't play an instrument yet, but I'm planning on buying an electric guitar soon (then I'll probably take some guitar lessons at the college here in town), then hopefully in a few years I'll get good enough to NOT completely suck. I don't seem like an optimist, do I? I blame the seventh grade for that. Yeah, I'll go right on ahead and shut up now. Plus it's very late here, so - um - g'night.
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