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  1. the most intricately woven delight of vocals and touching music i've heard in a long time. injury has done an excellent job here, and her lyrics are beautifully written. anyone who loves someone should listen to this song. i did, and it brought out a whirlwind of emotion in me. a huge applause to injury on this.
  2. very nice. its the kind of song that quiets a person and makes them get lost in thought. i like it, and suggest anyone who likes the orchestra style to listen to it.
  3. I give this one a 95% on the scale of likeablitiy. Its good. It just amuses me how much it sounds like Final Fantasy, yet Chrono Trigger comes to mind when i hear it. And at times, even Secret of Mana (the drum synth) still, its definetly a song of Excellency.
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