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    Phoenix, AZ


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    I have a Bachelor of Arts in Game Art & Design.
    I am married and in the Arizona National Guard.
    I love music and play the drums, mandolin, and spoons.
    Been playing video games all my life.
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    Army National Guard
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    2. Maybe; Depends on Circumstances
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    mandolin, spoons, and some vocal

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  1. Hahaha! What the hell? Words escape me, DJP, but you did manage to bring a smile to my face. Anyone who can take a Bubble Bobble tune and transform it into a hillbilly hoedown with billy goats and banjos are, well, gifted. Great Remix!
  2. Excellent work! Like DJP, I'm takin back to those long family road trips listening to CCR, Eagles, and yes John Denver. Very relaxing and solid piece. KEEP THE MUSIC COMIN!
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