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  1. Nice and laid back, lovely. Background repetative though. I don't mind it; except for one thing: qwertyWTK has this got to do with Final Fantasy 6? This is some partial resemblence to Story/Theme, but that's it. Apart from that, mostly good.
  2. To me, this sounds like a Final Fantasy VI/Perfect Dark remix. Albeit, I've only plaed the former. Regardless, this is a lot more confrontation than nihilistic comedy. I like that. I loved Kefka for his insaness, but I don't mind this turning into a more Septhiroth battle. I think this is a good remix. And thank God it doesn't have any vocals. Good job!
  3. OK... Hm... Firstly, there's no such thing as Rose of May. In my opinion, it has some brilliant tunes. I'll be honest I have a strong antipathy with techno/rock/et cetera, but I'll try to give a non-baist evaluation. I think that the vocals are extremely poor. EXTREMELY POOR CHOICE . Sorry, but it really doesn't go with this. It sounds mostly OK. But because of my choices, I've to give this a NWF. Not Worth FarSight-XPing.
  4. After listening to the three offending articles, I can barely pick out any resemblence between A Sacrifice and Find your Way, and FinalJungleFantasy. But, I don't really find that important. It's still mostly good. It's a bit Challange-esque (battle versus Seymour Flux), but mostly good. But if cheese resembled Kefka, this remix evokes thoughts of Kefka on LSD. Whilst dead. i.e. no resemblence to the origin. But mostly good! Good effort! Edit: Actually, no. Sorry. I'll be honest; this is worst than FF10-2. This remix, OK- I'll stomach the techno- brutal, but not Skedar, is bad. Not only does it have only one recognisable piece (and that is minor, altered and techno'd) but it is not well arranged. Sorry. Try posting this as Seymour Xluf, or something like that.
  5. Just me personally; I hated it. It is hardly a tribute to the original One Winged Angel. I'll be honest, I hate this sort of stuff (rock, techno) but it had some really bad parts. The think I hated most was at about 3:06, the bongo drums were a poor choice.
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