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  1. One word, BLEAH! I listened to this song and swore I would convulse. 1. The actual melody is almost completely drowned out. 2. The scratches get annoying really really fast. 3. MOANING! Every time I hear it, my hair stands on end. Is that supposed to be Terra or something? Yech! In closing, it seems more like Rap with Terra's Theme played in the background. Further, it doesn't get points for being the first, I saw another one like it done to the Magitech Factory Theme somewhere else.
  2. I'm not sure this one counts, but the Weirdbeast on the 6th floor of the Cave of Trials on SO2. The first time you fight him. He has over 800000 hp, and all of your attacks do 1 point of damage or nothing at all. I hacked at him for 6 hours. When he FINALLY died, the came continued as if I had lost the battle.... It was supposed to be Undefeatable.
  3. I really really really really like this one. It's extremely beautiful and quite full of emotion. A must download.
  4. WOW That about sums it up. 10/10, 10.5/10 is more like it
  5. Most vocal remixes I've heard so far are absolutely terrible. Even if I discount such wondrous names as Fanatics Tower of Power at vgmix, you are left with lots of crappy remixes. I figure it's because they're hard to get right. This is quite a good remix. Definitely the best vocal remix I've heard as of yet. Without the vocals, it's 8/10, the fact that the vocals are good and don't screw the entire thing up leaves it with a 9/10. Good one!
  6. If nothing else, this is definitely true to the feeling of the original, although I must confess that it's not all to my taste. I'd say it's a keeper. I'm somewhat surprised that this type of rendition of it isn't more common. Oh well, keep 'em coming.
  7. Well, I'm sure someone'll disagree, but I'd have to go with the final boss of Terranigma. The advent of the 'save state' feature mad him (somewhat) easier, but before then, he's nearly impossible. Get this, he launches these myriad attacks at you, each doing obscene amounts of damage. Then he launches an attack that is impossible to dodge and drains away half of you hitpoints for a long time, eventually bringing you down to one hit point, regardless of how many hit points you've got, it is also one of the few times that you can hit him.. To top it off, his defense is so high that you can only do 1 or 2 points of damage to him on a hit, so you have to sit their pounding away for a good hour before he finally dies. Oh well, I guess if it were any less difficult I'd be disappointed.
  8. The perfect music to listen to while driving in gross excess of the speed limit. Love it!
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