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  1. I just got chills. This is a powerful piece that really makes use of the original themes and moods associated with them. Well done!
  2. This is my favorite song from the OSV of this game. I am sad that so few remixes have been made of music from Secret of Mana 2, but it's understandable, as it was never released in the U.S. for the SNES. I think this track has tremendous potential. I would especially like to hear an instrumental rendition of the woodwind played from :24 to :46. But I would be thrilled to hear anyone's reinterpretation of the theme. Thank you to anyone with a passion for Mana who considers this request.
  3. There are those who fail to appreciate this kind of music, those whose souls are so tainted by the world and the dark mists of egotism and sensationalism that they have lost the capacity to sense true grandeur. Let them first find the light within themselves, then the wonders that abound shall be manifest.
  4. Occasionally I'll hear a composition that stirs my soul, causing it to reach up to the heavens to take in the enchanting light of creation...this is one of those pieces.
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