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  1. I absolutly love this mix. I love rap myself so it fits in to me. Great lyrics, awesome job.
  2. I heard this remix in the works in progress remixes forum and I thought it was excellent. Very extreme and intense.
  3. I love the beginning. It starts simple, then gaining energy. Lovely.
  4. I love this mix. Very nice and calm. A good song if your relaxing at Starbucks or something LOL.
  5. A very nice song for you to just relax anywhere. Haha, great job McVaffe.
  6. This song has a nice variety of instruments. I especially loved the piano section. Awesome work.
  7. Fucking great remix. If no one makes a sim file on Stepmania about this, I'll make one. Great job.
  8. Wow very nice remix. I love basically all the piano songs, and Yoshi's Story just made it better. Nice job.
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