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  1. I really like how this is going so far. The composition is real good, and the whole thing progresses well. Never gets too repetative. The new solo you put in is a lot nicer and keeps the piece fresh. I think at 2:50 when the "Knuckles" drums kick in you could do more with it, either toss in some sounds or use another instrument. Also, while I like how the piece begins with the Cave melody, I think you could have faded it out in a different, more creative way. Anyways it's sounding great as always. Keep up the good work, I can't wait to hear the final version.
  2. Glad to see this up here, I knew you could do it Doug! I really like how you kept the atmospheric feel of the original Moonsong, yet you definatly developed it to give it your own unique style. You and Jill have to collab sometime... BTW Doug, Shiran says hi.
  3. Very well done, one of my favorite mixes on the site. It really has that Metal Gear feel to it.
  4. First, I would like to congratulate all who worked on this mix. While it may not be perfect in every way, this piece to me had more soul and feeling to it then the majority of mixes I've heard. I say that because I could really feel the emotion from every member who worked on it, and the positive feelings of friendship and fun really made me smile. But anyways, great job Jill and everyone else who worked on this mix, keep up the good work! - Doug (Drum's friend)
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