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  1. Ha ha, didn't mean this to get political. Just wanted to add that I'm totally happy with the decision to not make this an official OCR mix. I will say, though, that I guess with more soundtracks becoming very remixable in a more traditional sense (grabbing a vocal or a stem etc and re-working it), it may be a good idea for you guys to look at those rules again. But, yeah, again - MANY thanks to Liontamer for pointing out your current rules BUT STILL agreeing to give me some really great support. That's exactly how it should be if you have tough rules in a community but you still want to pimp stuff you like - OCR has kept its uniqueness and standards for many years by having strict rules and that should be appreciated. I absolutely, totally agree with you (apart from the "some generic action movie trailer" part, but we'll let that slide - see how many 16th note kick drum fills you normally hear in those - aaaand sliding...). I want to play this track live and I'm a tad scared of people leaving when it gets to that part, so there may well be a fully electronic version at some point. Would love some more votes, guys (thanks to those who have done so already!). I am still struggling to break out of position 7 or 8 despite some hard work on promoting the thing. Twitter is a good idea - I do have a Twitter feed on my site...which I should really use more. But yeah, if you have friends who would like the mix, please send them the link and ask them to vote. And someone's actually heard Hello Daddy. That's even more amazing. I should DEFINITELY not be doing this, but you can still get that from my site - http://www.nervoustestpilot.co.uk/hellodaddy.mp3 Er...consider that a special present. DISCLAIMER: The above track is extremely old and extremely disturbing in equal measure.
  2. Thanks *so much* for all the nice comments, guys! Didn't know there were people around here who know my really old stuff, that's amazing. I'll definitely keep everyone here posted when I do new stuff. I know "favouriting" the mix is a bit annoying (thanks Jamglue) but I really need to keep the votes coming. I'm 7 votes behind the guy in front, so if you like the mix and you have some time free to support me, please get your mates to register on Jamglue and drop me a favourite. Big thanks to everyone who has done this already. I was considering doing a more DJ-able edit of the Still Alive mix, probably two versions, one with a beat intro, and an "Intro Mix" with just a beat outro. Any takers? I posted a link to this on Lisa Miskovsky's own site - she's brilliant with her fans and reads pretty much every forum post, but for some reason she couldn't get my link to work, apparently - gah! Anyway, I will keep harassing her as getting her to endorse the remix would be awesome. If anyone has any ideas for promoting the mix also, that'd be cool. I have a Youtoooob video here which I'm trying to get more views on - http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=UcZME06Msww
  3. Cheers for this, Liontamer! Just want to add that things are going well in the compo so far - I'm in 8th place and I only need to make it into the top 25 to go into the round which is judged by EA. Your votes are greatly, greatly appreciated.
  4. Mortisland, video producer people, I bow down to your might <bows>. What an absolutely brilliant piece of work, everyone involved should be roundly thrashed with a huge bitmap image of a pleasure-stick. Congratulations on your genius.
  5. I'm performing the Mario thing live again in London on the 22nd September at Plug 'n Play (http://www.gabba.net/) if anyone in the UK fancies coming down (Rich and Binst, you have to come or I'll kill you WITH SOUND). I think we should do another game remix, but I can't be arsed to start it...in fact, if someone wants me to screw their mix like I did with this one they can send it to me...perhaps. pj_worldwide@hotmail.com Anyhew, we should perhaps do that Turtle Power thing at some point???
  6. The Paul Taylor Node here, just adding my thanks to Binst's. I set out to destroy as much of the good work of my colleagues as possible, and I'm always pleased to wake up people's mothers. Any requests for our next project? I think we should consider another game remix based on the reaction to this. Zelda maybe...hmm....
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