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  1. Hi all! I'm new here. ... No, really. I haven't been on these forums for what, two, three years perhaps? Can anyone tell me what's happened since way back when? I left roughly around the time Spram's mind snapped.
  2. It most definitely is! Anyway, this is a really nice remix, easy on the ears yet very catchy. As usual, some high quality work from regular AmIEvil! I haven't played the original game, so I can't judge how close/far the remix is from it, but it hardly matters when it's this good!
  3. I just wanted to ask, on what basis will new torrents be made? Every 500 remixes?
  4. I even had trouble beating that sucka' with savestates the first time around. Heh.
  5. You're kidding, right? He's so pathetically easy! Much much easier than Phantom Ganon... At least, his projectiles don't gain speed when hit! That kinda took the challenge out of it all...
  6. Sounds like fun... NOTHING beats Duke Nukem 3D when it comes to FPS though, and I can't play it on XP... Partially because I lost the CD. It's just pure fun gameplay!! About bosses, I remember the Golem Twins from Chrono Trigger being one true pain in the ass... The first time I arrived there, at least. When I restarted a game, I paid more attention to leveling up
  7. Stop by id software's website, they still got the good ol' shareware version, it's better than nothing
  8. WHAT?? Disney made a hard game?? Man... So they've lost their old recipes way too long ago...
  9. Dracula from Belmont's Revenge on GB was one hell of a boss... Never beat the guy!! Let me see if there's something else... Ummmm.... How about Xan from Unreal Tournament?
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