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  1. I am in to win this Is there anyone that isn't moved by the music as they play through FFVII???
  2. McVaffe, I'm so glad you're back. You are by far my favorite ReMixer. This is more than anyone here needs to know, but... Back in '05, when I had just recently discovered OCR, I got into a car accident. I was injured bad enough that I was in a wheelchair for 6 weeks. I was in college, so I had to go to school in a wheelchair. Whenever I wasn't in school, I was living with my parents because they were "taking care" of me. In short, it sucked. But after a long day, it was so soothing to sit down with my laptop and headphones and listen to "Weepy Loop." Audio therapy at its best. On top of that you have other songs that I still listen to and love, such as "Retro Russian," "Taikal Drum 'n Ragga," and "The Darkness and the Light." Further, seeing that you're back and reading your interview(s) inspires me to start creating music of my own. Unfortunately, I know nothing about anything related to music creation and I don't have time to learn, but still. That you're back is a great thing to me.
  3. I perceived a lot of buildup without a release; a lot of pressure but no sonic boom. 3:27 would have been perfect for it, but there was none at all. I was left hanging. That kinda ruined it for me.
  4. When I add a song to my library in Windows Media Player, I always assign to it my own "Genre" label. The best of the best, which is very few, get the label "Grand." This remix has been given that label. Amazing work.
  5. There is no real or not real in music. There is only good and not good. This remix is very good.