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  1. Day 1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CqJSW90LV74 Day 2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bv369Dwq3I8 Day 3 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CnE9YBxX-uc Day 4 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tSdyHjRAfbM
  2. Matthew Mitchum a small time video game developer is going on hunger strike to prove his conviction on saving the starving children of the world. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MhLsp6R4SFU
  3. Totally loving this. I can't wait till it's finished! I found this via Extra Credits on Penny Arcade. http://penny-arcade.com/patv/episode/games-you-might-not-have-tried-4 they used it for the outro music. Like I said, I can't wait till it's finished!
  4. Thought I'd give a shameless plug to this guy I found on youtube a while back, seeing as he released new album. http://www.csguitar89.com/ Check out his works, and he's got a free Zelda Album out. He's pretty damn good on the guitar.
  5. I love it, but I have to wonder, was there a sense of some ICP influence in there? No... Swollen Members! Definitely some Swollen Members influence in there! Love it even more now!
  6. Music and ambient sounds can be one of the biggest selling points in immersion for any media outlet, be it cinema, television, video games or ever table top games. My friends and I are looking to create a suitable soundtrack for our table top role playing sessions, and I thought that what better place to look, than a place filled with some of the most beautiful interpretations of video game music, one of the best immersion tools ever used. I’m here asking for help, suggestions and ideas. Mostly we’re looking for music that will help interpret the moods and feelings of places around the world that we are playing in (but it someone tosses some epic boss battle music or combat music that’s or anything of the such that’s fine to and will probably be incorporated) Right now the focus is getting the environments down: *Forest *Haunted Forest *Tundra *Desert (Sandy) *Desert (Rocky) *Beach Side *Ocean *Under Water *Rivers *Jungle *Woods (yes there is a difference between woods and forest) *Frozen Wasteland *Ruins *Haunted Ruins *Mountains *Glaciers *Cliffs *Caves *Rolling Plains *Hilly Areas (And yes I do consider these environments as well, just not natural ones) *Village *Urban *Elven Urban *Dwarven Urban *Holy City *Dungeons *Utopian Sprawl *Orc (Troll, Ogre, things of the like) Camps/Villages *Bars Any additions to the list, and suggestions for other things to use music with, and all musical suggestions are more than welcome. I will be posting my progress on this as they come about (and when I get access to a comp.) I thank you all now for any help.
  7. Hey all. I thought I'd use this moment of my free time to let all you out there who use Twitter or even those that don't, that there is a new free game out there that supports all browser and mobile browsers. It's called TweetLord. It's a fantasy game that uses your twitter account to send messages and #actions that earn you items, karma and experience. I figured that this would be a good place to help pull away the curtain and get some people who appreciate the worlds of games to come and check it out. www.tweetlord.com
  8. well I know that Seattle is pretty big on cosplay (Sakura-Con anyone?) so who knows... I'm trying to get my friend's GF to make me an Altaïr Costume... hopefully, if not for this one perhaps for the next one I go to or Sakura-Con...
  9. Sweet, I keep getting more and more excited the more I hear... oh, and I LOVE obscure music... any one who's seen my music collection will tell you that it's the most eclectic thing they've ever seen.... My only wish is that I had a good costume for it... How many cosplayers did y'all see?
  10. Dude.... I can't wait.... I'm almost tempted to buy tickets for the one in Victoria, BC (just a ferry ride away from me) and it's being hosted by my Fav. Radio station to, I hope there'll be tickets left after the seattle concert so I'll at least have the option....
  11. So I just picked up a few tickets for me and some friends to go see Video Games Live in Seattle in January. I was wondering if any of you out there have seen said show (or perhaps one of the others like it, such as Play) and I want to know your opinions. Also I was wondering if anyone might suggest some good orcestral Remixes to help cleanse my hearing from all the rock, techno, hip-hop and metal I've been diving into so that I may better enjoy the bliss when I go see the concert. Thanks All
  12. If people where to read the whole post then they would understand that I also said in my first post.
  13. I generally divide the Genres as deep as I can go (Rock into Modern Rock, Classic Rock, Metal, Industrial, ect...) but I probally should have said Electronica for this thread. I don't really care what Sub-Genre it'll fit into, I was just using a blanket term to try to get as much as possible. Also there was a guy who had graduated from my high school and went into Drum Core (DCI) and he came back to help out with our drum line and he ended up transcribing a Sandstorm for Drum Line is they played it at a half time show.... AMAZING. This was years ago now, but I still remember it, it's kinda the reason I was thinking of this and looking to you guys for help.
  14. I know that anyone who enjoys techno or classical has checked it out sometimes. If you're wondering what Techno Classique is, it's techno remixes of classical tunes. *Example, Moonlight Sonata Techno* http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wlGWvvjD8fc The real thing about this post is not about that. What I'm getting at is an idea I've had for a while, and I havn't been able to find it on the net. And I'm curious as to what all of you think. I've been looking for full orcestrial covers of Techno. I know it's kinda backwards, but I think the idea would be really sweet if not at least an interesting hear to try it out. Right now the closest thing I can think of that comes to this is Play, VGL and other Orchestra's that cover game tunes. But I would like to hear Sandstorm by Darude or Omnibus by Laut Sprecher. What do you guys think?
  15. Hey, more than I expected to get out of this thread ;; Been busy with data entry *shudders* Hearin all you guys talk about your education is making me sad, and want to go back to school... I don't know ANY level of programing or animation... Guess that's why I'm in customer relations, right? How well do you think a Psychology and Therapy Degree would do my in the gameing industry?
  16. Just out of curiosity, how many of you out there work for or have some sort of a connection to a game company? If you do work for them, what do you do? Or what sort of connections? Just kinda curious about this, since I myself work for Multi Axis Games as their Customer Relations Director... So how bout it, anyone?
  17. This month has got to be one of the best month for video game and video game related releases that I can remember.... Halo 3 Eternal Sonata Black Site: Area 51 Skate America's Army: True Soldiers And Voices of the Life Stream.... I'm stoaked.... and I'm going to be broke with no free time... but I know I'll be happy for at LEAST the next 6 months....
  18. Dude... I can't wait.... and dude that concert.... amazing...
  19. *stands in line to download the album* this will rock almost as much as the Daft Punk concert this Sun.
  20. Alright, I can completly understand the site reasons, and might be doing the same thing myself, if I were running it... I love all the song on here, but when searching for genre to fit a spefice mood when you don't have the massive list (Like I do on my PC) it's kinda hard sometimes, and I end up listening to the same things over and over.... So perhaps does someone have one that they can post/host/e-mail per chance? Or just a good list of mellow songs, preferably full or psuedo orchestral?
  21. I have a feeling that this might dig up a big smattering of debates on what is what, but I still want to ask it for I think that it will be a good way to help people organize and select (for occasions) their music. I was wondering if there is a list out there, or if it is at all possible to talk to the staff and get a listing (and have it posted with the songs) of the Genres of all the songs currently on OCRemix. I know I already have most of the songs here on the site, and know a good chunk of the songs genres by heart... but I'm at work, and after 30 hours of awake or so my brain stopped functioning correctly... so if anyone has a fairly current list, or if we can get the staff to concider adding it to the song profiles of what song is genre, please let me know? I know alot of people would like this idea and support it if it were to get implemented. Anyone got a list, or any other ideas pertaining to the subject matter at hand?
  22. I know I'll be one of those "crazy kids" waiting in line to download this master piece.
  23. Still, I think you have a bit of some reasons to be excited. All the luck that is stays up and up, and I'll be sure to jump on to download the day it comes out, cause I've been waitin for a good while.
  24. I know this is a hard question for alot of you. But what is your fav. Zelda song(s)? Mine happens to be the Forest Temple, and the Prelude of Light... so, what about all you?
  25. you my friend are now one of my favorite people thanks a million
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