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  1. housethegrate, you're getting better and better. Best track on the album!
  2. If this project dies, please tell me that the finished tracks and the WIPs will be released. I at least need to hear something after anticipating this for so long...
  3. Agreed. If you're going down, don't take it down with you. This is my most anticipated of all the upcoming site projects.
  4. Yeah I understand. Theres already much better suited remixed Doom albums out there that are easy to install into doomsday.
  5. Just wanted to say I inserted this album into Doom on using the Doomsday engine. Unlike the Street Fighter 2 album, this one doesn't work that well when placed into it's own game. Oh well. It's fun.
  6. You're just mad because your song didn't make it in the game PS: Dreamcast will never be obsolete.
  7. It's possible with Doom. Ever heard of jDoom? http://www.doomsdayhq.com/ Run Doom on that engine. It allows for a ton of graphical upgrades, as well as soundtrack replacements. Now the one I really wish I could do was insert the Super Metroid album into the game. Damn that would be great. Someone really needs to figure out how to insert code into a game rom, to ask for an mp3 at the right points.
  8. Agreed. I just did not like this track at all. I would have much rather preferred a proper military hardcore sound to it, because I have never been able to find remix of it like that. I'm definitely not saying that it should have been balls-out rock like the Ken song. Question though. How many people out there have 90 minute CD-Rs? Because this album is 90 minutes and 35 seconds, correct? One of those Guile endings didn't need to be in there. That's for sure. Edit: http://youtube.com/watch?v=tMIyCN_6vrw Preview video now up. All who do not own a Dreamcast, check that out to see what you are missing Also, I suck hard at Street Fighter 2. Always have.
  9. http://www.torrentspy.com/torrent/755559/Super_Street_Fighter_2_X_for_Dreamcast_Remixed There you go, guys. Read the comment at the bottom for all the info.
  10. No I wasn't that guy. I did have that arranged version though. It was ok but that guy did a sloppy job. Some tracks had a second of silence at the start, and he didn't bother looping the adx files, so if the fight dragged on, you had silence to fight to, heh. I did the "Accurate" mixes on those two games. Check my site to more info and video examples. I was going to mention that heh. Your Akuma mix is ok, but the one in CVS2 was just...flawless. You kind of had high expectations to meet on that one. Anyways guys, 5th CD-R was a success. I have been playing it for an hour. I suck horribly at SF2 though, so I cant reach vega and such. But so far, I find no issues. I dont think I want to push my luck at this point. I finally got a working disc, so I think I am going to release this tonight on a torrent. I just need to run a couple more tests and try making a copy of a copy (to insure the downloadable CDI will work for people), and that will be that.
  11. And they were terrible. That's why I replaced the music in those games too.
  12. I dunno. I think I'm sticking with instrumental. It's better if the stages are all that way. It would be weird to have only 2 like that. Who are you known as on the album? I don't see a track by you on it. Your's is in there though. Right now, the only tracks I am leaving out are the three ending songs, and the ranking display, because the game's ranking display is only a 1 second song, heh. Should I use the ranking display somewhere else?
  13. This may have been a huge waste of time. Turns out this game had some complicated protection that even ECHELON couldn't fully crack. I'm finding google results indicating that changing music on this game is a major challenge, and simply making a copy of a copy is hard too. This is getting into hex editing and crap and I know nothing about. Wasted 3 CD-Rs so far.
  14. That's fine for me... My take is always the same: give me notification and credit, and you can do what you like. And if vocals are a problem, the instrumentals are at my site. Yes! These tracks will be much more suitable for the game! Thanks! One big problem solved there. And yes, as with my other DC projects, I do my best to give all credit in a text file with the cd image. As long as I just use this one album though, I'll simply link them to the project's site and OC Remix. Explaining which song went with what stage would be redundant in this case.
  15. I am probably going to be inserting this album's tracks into the Dreamcast version of SSF2T, and I wanted to see if the remixers who worked on the project are ok with this idea. I've done 3 other DC Music Replacement Projects before. I mean, I am going to be doing this for myself, regardless, but I am a bit hesitant about releasing such a thing openly. Some remixers might have an issue with it. You can read more about the idea and the plans here: http://www.stevemv.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=151#151 Also any suggestions are welcome. Like if you think I should try for a complete replacement, and use other SF2 remixes as well if needed. Should I also use the lyrical arrangements in this album, or would that not work well with a fighting game that already has characters screaming out moves and such?
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