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  1. This track is so beautiful. You totally captured the metroid theme and environment with those electronic beats in the intro. I was yearning to all the familiar notes.
  2. Unimaginable beautiful is translated in this short piece. My gosh, the beginning of the song made its impression on me! I was wow'in from the get-go. Every familiar note struck my chords, and I thought I only had one. I'll just say, housethegrate is welcomed with open arms into the electronic realm.
  3. Talk about instant nostalgia. The beginning with the smooth piano rendition of Chun-Li's homecourt is so kind to the ears. The song really captures the inner subtle feelings of the simplicity of the stage. This remix a must listen.
  4. Lol, I guess I got your dift. It does work the other way around. Oh, hey Sauzer, what's happening?
  5. Whew, I guess I finally joined in to this wonder OCremix site. Hi everyone, my name's Jackson. I can't wait to chat with some of the veteran or new remixers on this site. I hope to hang around here more often, instead of just wandering about the site of countless songs. Boy, are some of these fellas good at revitilizing old game music, though not all games appear to be too old. Thank you for devoting some much time for remixing your favorite VG songs. Look at all the members, it looks like I'm at the bottom of the list. I feel so low. Well, at least I know most of us here if not all, find ga
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