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  1. Hmm, hardest boss? None. Most annoying boss? LOTS. Ultimecia's million forms fro FF8 and Sephiroth's several in FF7. What is it with Square and doing that? There are really no hard bosses, just the ones that can be extremely annoying (think Shao Khan in MK3...LOSER!).
  2. I have one word to say: WOW. This remix blew most of my Zelda mixes away. It was INCREDIBLE! DJP, you are extremely skilled and I hope that you will make other fantastic remixes like this one. Was that also a pan flute I heard in that song? Anyways, my two cents in on this one, because this mix, compared to all of my Zelda mixes, stands out and I almost always listen to this one. DJP you ROCK!
  3. This song has to be one of the best Final Fantasy mixes of its kind. DJ Crono,you have done nothing wrong, the only thing you would be doing is not posting this remix. It has a smooth, clean tone to it and I personally like the rap idea. You are a master of mixing Crono, and I certainly hope that you post some more enjoyable remixes here, because Eres Des Points was the work of a master! Brilliant!
  4. I do very much agree with you, Dj Pretzel but, what if you do not know the specific name for the track you want remixed? Are you able to provide a substitute name for it? Or must it be the exact name? The names for the tracks have been changed so often, nobody even knows if the original is the right name! Anyways, I see it your way, it is better to be a little more specific. ~Black Darius
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