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  1. I really just felt I should point out here...you say the point of a PSP is to be able to play it anywhere. Well wouldn't my house be a place considered to be in the category of "Anywhere"?
  2. Well I'm glad that you liked it...because it is, very much a tribute to a great radio show. On a side note, thank you for mentioning FunnyHaHa. I know it might be a bit much to ask, but if you could keep mentioning it for the next couple of shows or so, that would really help us out. LAOS recently retired from his postition and handed it over to me, but I'm not sure if it should continue with the low turn outs it's been getting. So if you could do anything to help spread the word, it would certainly be much appreciated, and I would be more then happy to return the favor.
  3. No...actually, that's just my normal trying to sound like a girl voice. I had you listen to that because reelmojo and I enjoy your show, and wanted to do a tribute in our fake radio show. I think you took it the wrong way though, and then you never talked to me again.
  4. I wish I could host a radio show. or at least a fake one.
  5. *lol* Why do you say that? I don't find myself to be a very talkative or funny person and you have a cool accent on your side. Oh come now! Give yourself more credit then that. You're an Adams, and I won't stand here and listen to you talk down about yourself. Take more honor in the family name.
  6. Aww...I hope you place now, just because you said that Nicole. Not first though...I want that spot.
  7. I gotta say...the deadline extension is very welcome. We had out entry pretty much ready, but it wasen't as good as it could be because we just didn't have time. But now we do. *bows to Pixietricks and The Wingless*
  8. Hee, hee; actually, I was just joking. As was I of cource... I mean...how could Voltaire NOT be my birth name.
  9. Really? Although...I must point out that Voltaire Adams is not my reel name.
  10. Adams? Do..do...do I know you? And yeah, mojo and I will participate, because I promised you that I would, Jill. But...so far we are still brainstorming, because this is much diffrent then the stuff we are used to making. So even if we have to submit an audio file of me going "Oh my god! It's Pixietricks!" ...we will submit something.
  11. Don't be jealous...I just heart you in diffrent ways, Wingless.
  12. That was a great show. I'm really enjoying VGDJ, and I'm pretty sure it's because of Jill's beautiful voice. oh and...wingless' beautiful....website?
  13. Well I like the intro, but I think the idea of having a contest for the intro is a really great idea, so I would have to give my vote to that. I know that I would deffinatly be intrested in entering that contest too, so you could count on my contribution, Pixie. In fact, I would be willing to help in any way that I can, lol. Beyond that, I'm really liking the show. Thanks for introducing it to me, and keep up the great work, Pixie!