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  1. Agreed. Agreed again. Pixietricks is my favorite artist on OCremix right now, I just can't stop listening to this song! My only complaint that it's a little on the short side, but I guess its just because I've been listening to songs that are like 8 minute songs lately!
  2. I would like a signature with this picture please: I would also like Link and Skull Kid in the background, and maybe the moon from Majora's Mask behind them. My name with a really cool font that fits the mood (dark and gloomy) of the sig.
  3. Love it. When I listen to it it makes me want to go through OOT again.
  4. I'd like to see Skull Kid as a playable character. Also, this is just a fun idea that I have, a 2D, 8-Bit themed mode that you'd use the Wii controller on . Just for the hell of it.
  5. I thought Metroid Prime from Metroid Prime was kinda hard... but not super hard, just fun hard.
  6. I've been thinking about starting to remix and I'm 16... however my comp is VERY slow and has a very embarrassing amount of RAM... so my comp isn't fit for remixing.
  7. Is this okay? I just found it on google images...
  8. I like this remix alot! The japanese lyrics are cool.
  9. Wow, OCremix has this Song!!!! Yeah! I remember, surfing the internet one day, I searched for Zelda tunes, curious in a way. And as I searched, I stumbled on, A web page with lyrics to a song. Rabbit Joint, the page said. A weird name, I know, and I shook my head. I read the lyrics, Link, he come to town And on my face, protruded a frown. I need to hear this! I yelled aloud. Unfortunatly, finding it was like walking on a cloud. No luck... till one day, I visited a friend, who as doing okay. He turned on a CD... and Rabbit Joint he played! Zelda... Alas! He had made my day. I asked him to copy it for me... but he told me no! And I tried to hurt him, And step on his toe. Until finally he gave in, Copied it for me.... And so I went home, smiling with glee! Ever since, I listen to that song, and think to myself... nothing could go wrong. It is the best song ever, And always will be.... Yeah.
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