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  1. To all the haters of this song: I remember when I was a wee lad of about 13 I loved to play Zelda:LTTP on my SNES, and for some reason or another... ...I don't know if it was the pink hair or the constipated look on his face when trying to lift ANYTHING (vases even)... I always felt that link reminded me of a walking, talking (or grunting) penis. In that respect, I feel that Link should indeed remind us all of the mighty groin. Amen.
  2. Happy bday djp! And happy engagement, too! My brother says happy bday too. He probably has more remixes than me. >.< Anyway, have a good one, and thanks for bringing OCR to life for us lowly n00bs who didn't have the knowledge or knowhow (or even the idea) to make such a site ourselves.
  3. Erm... Does anyone know where I can find samples of Metroids? Any other creatures from the Metroid series (especially from Metroid Prime) would help with the ambience of the song, too. Anyone? PS: I know, I'm a n00b. [insert flames against me here] I've been messing with FL for a while, though, and I think it's about time I actually try to accomplish something, so can anyone help me get started?
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