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  1. I listen to this song on repeat while playing CC generals; I listen to it a lot over and over and one thing got me, in the begining and the end there is a VERY NICE tune you have going, right at 39 secs it starts then at 1:04 secs it gets way into it and SOUNDS EVEN BETTER, then it quits and about 3mins into it it comes back and goes, I love that part, I wish you elaborated more into it and maybe put it in the middle, or do something w/ it, its just one of those little catchy places I love!
  2. hey I love this already; Usually don't give the time to listen to a song all the way, I like the dance feeling it has to it, it is in your face and upbeat, I really don't know much about musical "terms" (lol has Music 111, was useless) but I know what I like. Will be on my music list.
  3. What are you people talking about, this song sounds so epic in the begining, with good build up that seems to generate a few times. The cameo mega man sounds and everything appear. It's not too fast but not too slow, it does sound like two songs, and seems a bit disorganized. I dont like the 3min + of it just seems to get way off track. I do enjoy the begining and can listen to it over and over again.
  4. THis song is really nice, I love it for the most part, I had d/l it but it kept screwing up within the first fewsecs so I had to use a different real player and it seems to disguise itself in the beginning becauase it just jumps into a smooth transaction of the original! I love it and I do like mega man games as well
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