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  1. Giving us a totally new perspective to what gameremixes really are, with an astoundishing remix, I salute the composer. This remix of the song "The Decisive Battle (Boss theme)" from the game "Final Fantasy VI" is a piece of art. In fact, it was so good, that I got chills down my spine, and that's never happened before. Giving us a remix that's describing the boss-battle that well, and providing a artistic realism that Nobuo himself would be honored to hear, it's no wonder why this song is on this site, a "créme de la créme". I give this 10/10, and I hope to hear a lot more of your music. Regards // Emil aka n3uroticuM
  2. Hi there! My name is Emil Svensson, 21 years old and from Borås, Sweden. I'm a glad young boy with my life dedicated to music, and I dream of becoming a rockstar. Almost everything in my life relates to music. I am also a Martial Artist in true heart. I've Practiced the styles of Neo-Karate, Tae Kwon-Do, and further more, but right now I'm into Jeet Kune Do and Combat Sambo. My favorite VG-tunes are Eyes On Me, sung by me. (:D:D) and all songs från MegaMan and Final Fantasy. I'm into the ReMixing scene and I got some tunes to present if you want to hear them. I just wondering how to get my tunes up on OCR. :) You prolly don't wanna hear them, so I'll guess that outta the question. wanna know more about me? ask!!!! Regards // Emil Svensson aka n3uro.
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