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  1. I think it's really good, the bass line is really great, that stands out the most, as I see it. I give it a 4/5. Someone earlier said that the 55' synth is weak by itself, but I think it sounds pretty dern good
  2. Good stuff, good stuff ; ) Yes, the lyrics do go downhill around 5,30, which can be fixed in a second version. I give this a 9/10 for originality and beauty.
  3. This remix is excellent, I love to listen and dance along with it = ) I give it a 9.8/10 style sofistication uniqueness Good stuff!
  4. I love the guitar, and the cell phone was just great, this is definatly worth it to see how Zid mizes these instruments together so well 4/5
  5. I thought it was alright, the idea behind it was pretty good, but it wasn't brought on strong enough really. The instruments sounded too weak and 'synth-like', if you know what I mean. The voice helped a little bit, but at 3:08 after that short pause and the voice says "higha" (I think thats what he says) didn't work for me, that was really the only part with the voice I didn't like 3/5 - good, not great but with the same style but better synth it could be a 4.5/5 easily
  6. Good stuff, I love it But the begining... I'll prolly just convert it to a wave and just remove it... lol
  7. Pretty good stuff, I liked the uniqueness of it, and as usual for McVaffe - very well mixed and orchestrated. There is a nice solid beat which I loved, I can't tell if i like it more or less than his other tetris remix... Oh well, thankyou McVaffe, very well done 9/10
  8. I loved this mix, although I do understand if you cannot find the actual song tucked away in it, but it is very well made, and one of my favorites. I certainly give this mix a 9/10, keep up the good work
  9. Beautiful, I love it. It's sung so well, and the music mixes in perfectly with her great voice, this is definatly a great great remix
  10. I just downloaded that song that DJ Crono used in his Terra/French rap... and well, that song alone is - interesting to say the least. How he saw a connection between the two peices of music is amazing.
  11. Absolutly increadible, extremly unique - I'm lovin this song!
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