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  1. Theres only a few choice words that can go along with this remix, Breathtaking, Outstanding, Perfect. If music exactly like this was placed in the final fantasy IX game, Sales would have jumped at least 100,000 of more units sold. SysteManiac your giving Mr Uematsu a run for his money. Keep up the good work
  2. I don't think mr pretzel could of said it any better.. This song just reminds you of a relaxing day, kicking back in the sun. The guitar work is phenomenal.. This remix should get a 5 outta 5 stars
  3. I thought the mix was excellent.. I can just imagine someone walking into work when there cellphone rings the final fantasy 9 battle theme... Its great.. Good job!
  4. Alright Biggest Noob Question Of them all.... is it possible to get more instruments into Fruity loops... i checked nearly everywhere but all i found was a big beat and techno pack... and the instruments provided aren't really that great... any ideas.. im greatful for anyone helping me
  5. This song has a nice upbeat tone to it. I always played startropics 1 and 2 and this brings the whole small part of the beach venturing right to life. This music piece should have been on the game instead.. Excellent work
  6. While holding the traditional piano background to this remix, the drums and the mechanical/industrial lead grows bigger as the song reachs its finale... very well done remix, while providing a different pov and diabloical twist to the original piece.. excellent job
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