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  1. A couple emulators that I use have a shift+function number savestate hotkey, which can be used to instantly save or load any of ten positions at any time. Many, many times, after I've spent a while playing a hard emulated game (where I'm frequently reaching for F1 to load my last non-dead position), I've gone on to do something stupid in reality (drop a plate, for instance) and found myself subconciously attempting to load my last savestate.
  2. Much like Phendrana Drifts was my favorite music track in MP1, Torvus Bog was my favorite in MP2, and I find it very convenient that those happen to be the only tracks that have been mixed for their respective games, and that Darkesword did both of them. XD I like this mix, it really keeps the feeling of the original without being the same.
  3. Shining Soul II for the GBA. It's a real-time RPG set in SEGA's Shining Force series, and it got terrible reviews. Nevertheless, it's one of my favorite games, both for the GBA and just overall. The storyline is weak as hell, some animations are pitifully limited (particularly those of the first boss, who has a two-frame, 360-degree axe spin attack) and the enemy AI is retarded - it takes a straight line to you, even if that means trying (and failing) to walk through walls - but the game still manages to be both challenging and awesome. Multiplayer - both co-op and versus - is great, too. I th
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