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  1. I started using the SMP client not to long ago and I just have to say wow. The work units are work insane amounts of points. I went from running two single core programs (I've got a dual core Opteron) to one SMP client and my contribution rate has skyrocketed. I suggest the SMP client to anyone who has a multicore CPU, even if it's just a dually.
  2. My friend has this playing at his wedding as he and his bride left. Simply amazing.
  3. Working at our computer help desk, I realized that we have computers that are on 24/7. Went ahead and threw FAH on them. That's 3 more CPU's. Then, I got the bright idea of the lab computers. Went ahead and threw FAH on for of those babies. So, I am up to a grand total of 1 client I know will stay on always, 2 clients that likely won't get shut off, 4 lab clients that are restarted on weekends (deepfreeze is no fun) and MY computer. I love administrative access. lol
  4. http://folding.extremeoverclocking.com/team_summary.php?s=&t=48303. The top 800 get individual stats on the page. Right now, we're just under 900, according to the site. With our new members, I think we can make it.
  5. Welcome to all our new members. Now that we're in the top 1000 teams, let's not let up. Keep pushing on. Keep folding those proteins! That is all.
  6. I have had a couple of instances where AVG Free didn't detect a virus. You may want to try another anti-virus program as well to make sure it comes up negative. ClamWin is open source and free. It's slower than a lot of engines and you have to manually take care of the infected file, but it seems to do a pretty good job actually detecting the stuff.
  7. Well, we're finally starting to level out in the point accumulation rate. Time for some more recruites. Quickly now, hijack all your friend's/family's/roommate's computers and install FAH!
  8. I've had a few connection problems, but it usually goes after a few tries. Haven't completely a work unit in about a day or two though so I don't know. They might be having server issues.
  9. This may be slightly premature, but only slightly (if it is). However, the fact still remains that we have now made it into the top 1000 teams out there! w00t! Hurray to us.
  10. I'm realizing that if I had known that OCRemix had a team when I first downloaded FAH, I could have 8th right now. As it stands I'm having to live with my recently swiped 14th. *sigh* The injustice of it all.
  11. I have now passed the 1000:1 mark with Chrono Symphonic so anyone in the Indianapolis area is invited over to my place for tea and cake...without the cake.
  12. Great remix. Very well put together. True to the original without feeling forced. Good attention to details with the string plucking in the background. This isn't one of my favorite remixes of all time but that's probably got to do with the fact that the original tune was not one of my favorite themes in FF7 more than it has to do with the actual remix at all. I can't really think of any real critisms except that it's not on my all time favorite list. Very solid 4/5 sporks, perhaps even as high as a 4.5/5
  13. Very cool remix. I love the laid back feel to it and it just all seems so right. Nothing seems forced, guitar sounds great. One of my favorite remixes out there, and I've listened to quite a few--and by quite a few I mean 1-1250 plus some. 4.5/5 sporks.
  14. The actual verses aren't that bad, but I was far from impressed with the chorus. Sounded to me like the rapper was just some kid who was trying desperately to be "ghetto" and therefore had to say "nigga" every other word because that's what gangstas do. I give this 2 out of 5 sporks.
  15. I'm currently on a trek to listen to every single OC Remix (well, the one's that have been put up in torrents at least) and I can honestly say that this is, without a doubt, still my favorite OC Remix track out there. The theme music is preserved, yet it sounds like this work is completely original. Not a hint of being forced into the jazz mold and then the jazz itself is top rate. The solos are to die for and just the whole big band feel in general is enough to make this both my favorite and most listened to track. I give it a solid five out of five sporks and if I could give it more, I would.
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