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  1. Seriously. I know we might be sticking to lesser known games here but theres a GOLD track hiding in a mainstream game just aching for it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=skNnp1bZ5i0 Castle Pandemonium. Final Fantasy II. (Oddly enough I've played every final fantasy except 2. found my old copy of Dawn of Souls and played it. Loved it.) SO epic. amazing that I never knew about this one. Oh and one more.. From when you fought the Lamia Queen. (And a few bosses after her.) Battle Theme A. Yet it's actually a Miniboss theme. OCR SERIOUSLY Doesnt have any FF2 stuff yet? I'm amazed. Hahah.
  2. I've got a suggestion for one. One thats under-rated and has a lot of potential. and is from a Well-known boss we all love and hate(REALLY hate.) Ultros. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XXDlmxV2Vw8 Seriously. Muscleheads? Hate'em!
  3. INCREDIBLY Funky. I'm unsure if the 800lb gorilla is hiding it's weight somehow but it's definately more morbidly obese than that. I'm not usually a fan of remixes of this sort, but this bass hits with rib-shattering shockwaves of AWESOME. (This is without a subwoofer of any sort.) It's absolutely incredible how something like this can be derived from a small game like RG. VERY Good work, quite possibly my favourite out of the Reset Generation competition. (All due respect to Rayza though.)
  4. Not seein' any rules against bumping one. But.. This song DESERVES a bump. (Thanks, btw, if any mixer takes a gander at this.)
  5. Agree 100%. And it's definately getting better. -bounceinchair.- (Thumbs up for the random mario coin noises for the sheer win factor.) Hell.. Pretty much anything that has this much Groove, AND Chiptunes blended in well like this is pretty much pure epic. ALL HAIL THE LINK'S ABILITY TO GO ON REPEAT BY ITSELF.
  6. ...I didnt even know something like that existed. Must find it..somehow.
  7. This song has such potential. The groove factor near the end kicks in so well, I REALLY Hope you keep updating this.
  8. ...Just.. wow. I..I dont post often. And I'm normally a fan of high-tempo battle music. But I just had to. This is just.. Perfection. it has SOUL. (Sort of coincidence that I'm replaying Final Fantasy IX at this current time also.) ...I find myself searching for ways to describe this in an intellectual musical manner yet my ears scream "..Hey. Its Fanboy time." ...I just might.
  9. I'm really hoping this one gets noticed. FFVI has been touched on so many times yet this song hasnt been brought any justice, despite it's potential. (Uh, also, thanks to the mod that renamed the thread, I was meaning to do that. )
  10. Ooookay. I've been a LOOOOOOOOOONG time lurker on OCR. Just now remembered my log/pass from ages ago. Anyway. I really don't know if anyone's suggested this before, but theres a song from Final Fantasy VI that I dont think has even been touched yet. Grand Finale, the song that played during your fight with Ultros at the opera. such a good song. (I happen to be a battle music addict, but still.) Thus follows a Youtube of the sauce. At 00:50 in.
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