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  1. As a big fan of Marc Star, I wanna say this piece is truly amazing. Definately kept true to the original song. Although the original lasted for 3:22 minutes. This shortened remix isn't half bad. MARC! If you really do hear your fans and read the replies, I have a request to ask of you. When you find the time and consideration to do so... PLEASE REMIX THIS SONG since it's also from Wild Arms. It's called Town of the Winds. http://www.vgmusic.com/music/console/sony/ps1/wa2~1.mid Use your genious and cook something HOT for us bro. If you DO somehow by miracles come up with something good for this. I'd much appreciate it!! Let's ADD MORE TO THE WILDARMS OCREMIXES!
  2. All Chrono Trigger music is truly amazing, and I say this remix truly deserves a medal.
  3. It's a masterpiece. I actually thought the kicks were going to take the mix into the techno/trance route. Welps, it had me fooled. But I still like it.
  4. DJPretzel, this is one of the better ones out there. I gotta hand it to ya. You make the underwater stages seem more relaxing to me since I mute the TV and play this instead now lol. Can you do the 'inside peach's castle' theme?
  5. I remember way back when I used to be in a concert band and played Robert W. Smith's piece called the "Tempest" and "Furioso". I used to think that nothing can top those pieces of that kinda genre. But this work of art simply amazes me. I've played almost every Zelda game and ended everyone one of them except "4 Swords, Minish Cap, Twilight Princess (not even out yet =P), Oracle of Ages/Seasons and Windwaker2 (also not out yet)" I'm a huge fan of Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask so I must say, That this piece is definately something I've been looking for, for the longest time. Thank you Unknown for providing the fans out there with one of the most cherished and loved songs partaking the series in OoT. Each bit of the song captured the moment and emotion of the tale of the Hero of Time.
  6. I picture a CG Cinema where bowser is playin volleyball against mario. It's a nice day. Toad and Yoshi are swimmin just out of shore, Princess Toadstool is in a swimsuit on a beach chair under an umbrella, she has sunglasses on and she's sippin on a classy lemonade. Bowser's turn to serve, he makes a quick professional like serve and mario returns it back but messes up and the volleyball lands on the princess, causing her to spill her lemonade on herself. She gets up and pounds him into the ground til only his head pops up. Mario is dizzy and confused. 3:40 mins now Toad and Yoshi are on a inflatable raft and they get washed ashore and somehow there's a starfish on toad's head. He panics and rams his big head onto yoshi's side which hurts. Yoshi turns around and gets mad and hints "what's the big deal?" toad is teary eyed and asks him to take the starfish off of him since he cant see what's irritating him (he DOES have a big head so he doesn't know and cant see for himself). Yoshi takes an egg and aims it at Toad's head. He gets the starfish off. Toad is sent flying skyhigh (from the egg's explosion) and he gets picked up by Lakitu and this is where the ending of the song is. Toad gets a view of the whole beach and gives Lakitu 2 coins for the ride. Lol this song makes me imagine all sorts of other stuff as well. Tell me whatcha think of this story. As for the song, I rate this one 10/10
  7. I for one approve of this mix. It's been one of my faves for the longest time. 9.2/10
  8. I personally got caught by the teacher humming and whistling this song countless number of times. =P I rate this mix 10/10 in fact I'm listening to it right now as I post this. Good job Marc. I expect more remixes like crossfire. You might have a potential as a composer.
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