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  1. Man, Jill can sing like a siren...(Wait those mythical siren chicks killed everyone ) anyway, this song is real smooth and easy to listen to. And Sephfire is the coolest. 10/10
  2. Thanks for the info all. I was really lost about everything. I will start piano lessons shortly, and "try and fail " to write my own music.(When I say "shortly" I mean months) Maybe in 5 years you will hear a song.(Seeing how busy I am.) BTW, DarkeSword, love the music. Just a Little More and the father of all are great!
  3. Hello all, I know everyone is sick of answering these questions, but, here are 2. 1. Do I need to take music lessons or the like? Because I have NO music exp. 2. If so, what Lessons should I take? I was thinking of the piano/keyboard type. Please advise, I would love to start remixing.
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