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  1. The music from that trailer sounds like a bad rip of 30 Minutes by T.A.T.U.
  2. Welcome newblet, enjoy your stay here at OCR. But we already have a thread for introductions here.
  3. Yeah, seeing Mick Jagger up there in a belly shirt trying to rock out was disturbing.
  4. Sony Fixes Backward Compatibility Issues in PS3 Update It's about time. now I can box up my PS2 and get more space. EDIT: This(is a link) is the only thing I found, but it didn't work for me.
  5. wii post I'm thinking of buying alttp, but my brain won't let me seeing as how my super nintendo and alttp cartridge still work fine.us I can't wait for super metroid either.
  6. EEEEEEEEEEE!!! Sorry about that. Those look awesome, Jehuty looks a little strange without the shoulder, but it is correct. Thanks a lot! Now let's hope LT likes it.
  7. Yeah, I tried to install linux on my iPod too, Ugh. Anyway, try This.
  8. Bump. God, I need more Sephfirey goodness. Please, just 1 more. What? I don't have a problem! I can quit whenever I want!
  9. Win. (10 Char.) But really, this looks like it's going to be good.
  10. Ummmm... Is no one going to mention SUPER AWESOME DRAGON GOODNESS!?!
  11. Oh. Well then, I take back everything I said about the PS3 not being a good value. All that other stuff and it's a space heater? I'm sold. He has been converted. All others will submit quietly or they will have their thumbs removed.
  12. Soo, Who has their new wrist straps? I received mine monday and they do look a lot stronger.
  13. The PS3 also makes a great hand warmer. really, It's been cooler around here for the past couple of days, and after a few hours of Resistance It's blowing nice warm air out the side. That makes it the superior system.
  14. Bumping Request, And also a regular bump.
  15. Hmmm.... [looks left] [looks right] ... :confused: This album is still happening, Right?
  16. I think this will be really awesome. I might even give it a try, Even though I haven't remixed anything before. EDIT: hey SGX, how would you feel about(I.E. Allow) a mix that combined a few of the allowed songs?
  17. I agree completely. And the wireless revolution for all the consoles has reunited me with my couch.
  18. What makes you say that? Excuse me for being frank and going out on a limb, but for all the wonderful things you both have done, VGDJ is no more yours than it was Rayza's and Aurora's. We basically had to track them down and all but hijack it, but the show went on. Even though you did get the approval of the former hosts, the need is still out there. Even if it's just going back to its roots of a one-stop-shop for OCR coverage, it would be welcome. We do have a chronic problem with shortages of talent with time, don't we? I too am curious about this.
  19. I swear I will vote when I get home tonight. EDIT: Voted!
  20. Wow, this is really awesome. I will comment on this later. But for now :D
  21. From the phone jack to the modem? No, any phone cable should work.
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