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  1. Required post, Hey Arek, what theme is that for Firefox?
  2. Well, there really isn't much on the rearrangement side of this, 0:35 same bass line of the original 0:56 main melody note for note, with some flair added on top. 1:49 we see "Samus appears" note for note, also with flair on top. Right now, you really need to focus on rearrangement. Read the Submission Standards and Instructions, and keep trying.
  3. And we have Jesse(Vig) to yell at all us N00B guitar players.
  4. THERE'LL BE PEACE WHEN YOU ARE DONE!!! >.> <.< Sorry. anyway, this does look really cool.
  5. This IS win. :nicework: :nicework: You know, I like the speakers I have now, why must you make me blow them with your awesomeness?
  6. Now anyone with a PS3 can use F@H! Just download the latest system update and there will be an icon in the network line. Don't forget your team, 48303
  7. Well, people usually include a song that their working on in the post to review/critique it. So let's here this MM2 rap song.
  8. "Hey, your [turn signal, brake light, whatever] is not working, fix it before I give you a ticket."
  9. Where's my wallet? so OCR is worth $152,950, but The estimated value of http://remix.overclocked.org is: $1,250 The estimated value of http://vgmix.com is: $30,250:tomatoface:
  10. It was -RK-, the WIP thread seems to be purged, but I have the song, I'll post a link when I get home. EDIT: Wait, I found it on his site, http://rosskmet.googlepages.com/music
  11. WOOT! This sounds really awesome IMO. Only a few things that I noticed on top of what avaris said: At the part around 3:00, the vocals started kinda strong, but then they sounded like they were fighting for the top with the instruments and kinda messed with the feeling. I would either turn up the vocals or down on the instruments. I'll keep it playin the next few days and see if I hear anything else.
  12. Wow, this is really awesome. I like the calm intro and the build up though around :35. The string stabs at :37 along with the synth at :47 work well together. The big organ at 1:15 really brings the total kick-butt-edness to the top. ZOMG direct rip of the sound effect at 1:44, I love it! From there it calms down and the bells come in. At 2:13 the "Phat" beats come back in and back out momentarily 2:32 for a little bell riff, The guitar comes back in at 2:51. The final chorus at 3:10 really left me wanting more of an ending, but the song just stopped. It may have worked well with another slower song, but it just built up and WHAM! that's all. But other than that, it's an awesome song!
  13. I've been following this mix ever since the early WIP stages, and it just kept getting more and more awesome. Congrats Seph on getting this one on OCR. It gets 5 out of 5 Mr. Greens from me. :mrgreen: :mrgreen: (4 image limit)
  14. He said TORRENT if ur using Azureus, go to files, and right click and select "do not download" for the songs you don't want. Your torrent client will dl only the one you didnt check Let me break it down, [breakingItDown] I.E. He found the Actual Torrents. Apparently he went to an single remix page, left(normal) clicked the download link, And it brought him to the quicktime player in his webpage. Right clicking and saving would solve his problem. [/breakingItDown] So, Sorry Try again another time. But for now I leave you with Mr. Doh smiley.
  15. Right click and hit "Save link(or Target) as.
  16. Whoa, that's really good. yours still get a (Imagine nicework guy here) from me.
  17. links to source from my earlier post and in my sig. Jehuty Anubis Giant Photos.
  18. For future reference, all Fl Studio questions should be directed here I must admit, when I first tried FL, I had the same problem.
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