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  1. O.K. I'm having a hell of a time trying to resize stuff so I'm throwing in the towel. Soooo that means, I am requesting that someone try to make an avatar with Jehuty or (preferably) Anubis Please. Pics For you people to play with! And I found a website with some REALLY BIG pics here.
  2. Is it just me, or do I smell ReMix in the air?
  3. Same here. I can't wait for Wario Ware to come out, but until then, I'm casually playing Wii Sports every now and then with friends, but mostly going back to my PS2. God, does Guitar Hero EVER get old? One of the best values I ever got out of a game. Me three. Good thing I got a new XBox 360 & Gears of War for the moment. And Guitar Hero is just fun to pick up and play...who knows when it'll get old, especially if they keep releasing games, although MTV recently bought out Harmonix . My friend let me borrow that thursday, and I have to admit that it is very awesome. That and my "Video game God" brother can't play it for shit!
  4. Wii post FTW! And tomorrow? PS3 post! And does anyone notice that when your on the Wii, the lines that separate the sigs looks like tiny words?
  5. Hmmm, this happened to my old computer, it restarted itself and said it had recovered from a "serious error". It turned out that it was spyware. this did it for me, LINKAGE. Maybe that'll help.
  6. Sooo, will anyone be recording the panel like Jiggles Mcpuff did for otakon?
  7. Tell me about it, I used to save them for monday at work, it helped it go by quicker. But now my mondays suck even more.
  8. ooo! the first 15 secs. is so awesome it's almost haunting.
  9. Jehuty from Zone of the Enders, not the best I've done but I just wanted to get some feedback. I am also working one for Anubis that I'll post later today. EDIT: Alright, I finished the Anubis one, Not the best, but I'll tweak it later. LT: Yeah, rather ghetto transparency (and resizing) attempts. Keep working on 'em.
  10. MMMM...It's like I'm in SGX Heaven, First outmoded, then the next day I ordered Synesthetic, and now this...Wow. Anyway, I love the piano that comes in around 1:17, and from then on it is so smooth. At 3:00 the beat with the piano is awesome. Other than that, this is pure awesome SGX.
  11. Sweet Project, I am trying to do some ZOE avatars for this, but things aren't working for me, I was hoping for something like this But I suck sooo, Pics For you people to play with! And I found a website with some REALLY BIG pics here. I hope someone will try something for ZoE Because giant flying robots are too cool to be left out.
  12. I'll Bet the guy who did this was mad at the price gougers. http://www.1up.com/do/newsStory?cId=3155304 If it was me, I would have used a 12 guage. And if you think about it,(me living in florida) they will hang people for jacking up the price of gas during a hurricane, But they won't do anything about this E-gouging.
  13. 3 days until the 8th. Well, 1 now, though its probably 2 for you US types. DOH! (Smacks self upside the head)
  14. Hey guys, I'd like an actual sig(not like the couple of badges I have now) I was thinking a Zone of the Enders theme, Like jehuty and Anubis going at it.(If you can manage)I was thinking this type of layout... I have a bunch of Pics you guys can use, And I'll be happy with anything. Thanks in advance.
  16. ... That was amasing! I will buy that album the second it comes out, just let us know when and where.
  17. Awesome! This song kinda reminds me of BT's new album, but there is a lot more substance in it. And after around 4:20 is Soooo wicked.
  18. Ugh...This sucks sooo bad. My EB sold out within the hour. I can't form my thoughts into words right now.
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