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  1. nardman

    *OLD* Shirts and Hoodies

    hey leviathan i need a job...and it sounds like yall are short handed so what's up. i got a business IT degree hit me up. I'll make sure those shirts get out and overhead stays low
  2. The guitar at the beginning was excellent. The organ-like instrument is what kept me though. i give it a 7 out of ten
  3. nardman

    OCR00251 - Mega Man 3 "Wily Metal"

    listen i don't listen to rock, metallica, led zepplin, but i love this remix. this was my favorited song of any megaman. megaman 3 had the best music ever. I'm black i don't listen to this type of music.....but i could listen to this song all day. Matter of fact i think i am. This could single-handly make me change my thoughts about that whole genre of music.
  4. nardman

    OCR01221 - Mega Man 3 "Intro Jazz"

    This is definitely the best mega man3 intro i've heard ever.... The fact that it's live makes it ten times more respectable
  5. nardman

    OCR00393 - Chrono Cross "Time Scars"

    ffdj, keep em comin this is great. I was sad when it ended...then i realized i could play it again.
  6. this is one of my all time favorite(original) songs in the final fantasy series. I've played and beatin all from 3 to 10pt2. So i've heard a lot of good ones. This mix does sound remarkably close to the original though.
  7. this song is great. This to me was always one of the best on nintendo this remix is awesome though
  8. nardman

    OCR01384 - Ninja Gaiden "Basilisk Run"

    Sounds almost mexican sobraro type to me. I don't even realize what song was remixed on this one. Not bad, could be better.
  9. nardman

    OCR00497 - Mega Man 3 "ProtoVaffe"

    Loved the intro. The violins got kind of redundent, but as soon as i thought that they disappeared and the piano solo came around overall pretty good. U can't mess up the proto man whistle song