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  1. What's the point of not PMing people ?

  2. sure man that could be a lot of fun :)

  3. I hope I'll come up with something good, I like your source, at first I was like "wtf this is weird" lol

    But yeah, it rocks and feels rock somehow

  4. No I haven't. I don't put them on the same level. Pedophiles are demons, for instance, gay people are what they are (they do there own thing I don't care as long as they don't look at my anal door), but I'm saying some priests are, and about the "other wicked stuff" well I could have said some sociopaths or else. Didn't say they were a melting pot tho.

  5. I just realised you're the one who made String Chamelotron.. I really enjoy that one ;D

  6. love ur remixes for mmx, you guys rock !

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