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  1. I think it was mostly the fact that the whole era was also when the internet was shifting from being something for "nerds" (for lack of a better word) to being part of regular life. For some of us older folks, we saw a lot of things changing, and unmod was basically a spot where we settled to be dumb on the internet. Also I think a lot of people were trying to figure out this internet thing. (And I know in my case I was dealing with a lot of personal shit and being here was pure escapism from reality.) But in the end, I think a lot of the tribalism was in jest in actuality. We could turn from being trolls to being supportive people in about half a second. To me, unmod will always remain a fond moment in time. But yeah, we were hella cringey too.
  2. Was it Earthbound? I sorta feel that back in the old days, everyone's favorite game was Earthbound... well... and shit posting.
  3. These days, I'm listening to the Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters soundtrack... It's got some serious tunes in there. Hell, I think I agree with how I heard it described: I bough amazing soundtracks with bonus remakes of good games... and FF2...
  4. I really suck at giving up, which explains my nicotine addiction.
  5. Honnestly, I kinda got bored. I don't listen to ReMixes anymore, and well, I guess I just moved on. I kinda gave up when I posted two pictures of tattoos in one page in a thread when there was a year between them.
  6. I would love to have grown up in the Pokemon universe. If it's just visiting, I might pick Azeroth, but I probably just spent way too much time there...
  7. Although, there is an argument to be made that the primary function of a video game is to be entertaining, and that may cause a division between art games and "traditional" games (for lack of a better term). But now we are getting in the pre "post-modern" discourse of art versus Art. Since I firmly believe that all art is Art, However, there exists a scale where the artistic merits of Undertale play against it when compared to Freedom Planet, and therefore, in that paradigm, Garpocalypse is entirely right.
  8. But what if one of the greatest artistic merits of Undertale is what makes it a bad game for some? It is so divisive, whereas Freedom Planet is straightforward.
  9. And in the end, it does make for a very tragic story. The First Order uses people as weapons, and they were ready to "fix" him.
  10. They do say that it is happens, when they said he was showing no signs of rebellion prior to that, or something like that. They even had some kind of process to re-educate him.
  11. More of an homage when you think about it. Or ya know, the force is shaping the universe in mysterious ways. Wow... how high were you when you watched the movie?
  12. I know it isn't easy to apply grievous wounds. If it was, it would be OP. I'm just saying that beyond crowd control, there are other ways to counter lifesteal. And morello is actually a very simple way to apply grievous wounds.
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