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  1. I'm gonna join. Hopefully this won't kill my comp like SETI did. I'm installing it right now, my screennames Galasung on there.
  2. Hi all! I'm new to this forum, but definitely not new to this site. Let's see *Begins to count songs dl'ed from OCremix on comp* 78 as of right now (78 songs I like, I delete ones I don't). My intrests right now mainly are Role Playing, and RPGs. I'm only 14, but I'm thoroughly appalled by the utter stupidity of some of my class mates in school (stupid, stupid, stupid classmates ), and I've been known to keep up quite a grown up conversation (for lack of a better word to call it) with grown up people (once again for lack of a better word to call them). My name is Matthew but chances are 99%
  3. I've gotta give you... Nice. Very much like what I imaginied my ideal remix of this song. I like how it opens up around 0:45 and then at 1:16 goes right back to the rock. This is my favorite remix yet, even better(I think) than the chrono trigger symphonic remix, Confronting the Mystic. Most of the other remixes of his theme remix it to the point where I can't find Magus's theme in it at all. If you wanna talk about this song reflecting Magus's personality, heres what I have to say. All the other remixes try to make it too evil, too ominous. Too me, thats not Magus. Magus has alot of darkness
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