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  1. thnk god a good voice.....or else the song was ruined!
  2. nice =D although the Saw sound in the beginning melody should be different......but thats all nice mix.
  3. thats the way i wanted it to be, to keep it old school. dont know the SF2 file is named sample... try search for zophar domain with google or something like that i think i got it from there.
  4. I used a SF2 file with some NES sounds. This cave theme is from the Nes game battletoads hope you like it. (yess it is remixed/arranged) http://media.putfile.com/CAVE-59
  5. what i meant was, make it so that it first sounds like the TP village and then when you hear a piece of the darkworld it will go over to the darkworlds theme.
  6. nice work =) although there is one thing i hate.....after the music notes you can play on your ocarina on the n64 and the melody goes on it reminds me of Charlie and the choclate factory( the classic one) where Charlie sings: #"its pure imagination"# *comes down with a umbrella* UGHHHHHHHHH! dont know what im talking about? then forget what i said i like it =) and to be honest this is the first song of storm remix i really like
  7. that part when it sounds a little bit like the darkworld of LTTP.....it should move to the melody of the darkworld of LTTP..... cant explain it......but evrytime i hear that part it remembers me of the darkworld theme. BTW its like if you only added drums
  8. i love the beginning (chip music sounds real cool sometimes) i start lovin it more when the strings came in 8D ill give you a 20 out of a 10 !!!!! love this song :D :D :D :D :D :D ( i suddenly started laughing at the mario tune at the end XD cool!)
  9. W*F is wrong with you ? OMG!!!!! like ....damn.......... I LOVE THIS PIECE OF WORK!!!!!!!! i listend it so manny times my lil cousin start hitting me cozz he told me to turn that crap off GREAT WORK WOOOOOT
  10. i love the melody! i really got intoo this song for 2 hours XD not cozz of the lyrics but cozz of the way you put the lyrics and the melody togther would say this is a real sega song (thats a compliment ) keep it up collab power rules!
  11. reminds me of some younger days but i never played it, my brothers did though i do remember the whole melody *humming real hard now and my classmates are looking at me like crazy ppl* love the end part ( somehow it reminds me of castlevania dont ask how XD) it also reminds me of some kind of scifi-game ill give it a 10/10 *downloading it directly on to my mp3 player* keep it up
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