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  1. Found this remix due to a related video suggestion on YouTube while listening to a DKC2 remix a few days ago, I think. I've never even played Final Fantasy Adventure before, but I decided to give this song a listen. And damn is it good. Hope you decide to do more vocal stuff in this vein in the future, because this is definitely one of the best remixes I've heard on this site over the years. Awesome melody, great guitar work... yeah. Not much else to say as I'm not very educated when it comes to audio, but it sounds good, haha. Cheers.
  2. Desperate Struggle was that track for me. I'm a big fan of FF music in general, but that is one of my favorites. Great soundtrack all around, though.
  3. It's such a great track that it made the majority of the album seem just adequate. Excellent vocals.
  4. This is my favorite Final Fantasy IX remix. I feel it expresses the mood of that scene better than the original. Very well done.
  5. 2:35 - 2:58 causes chills to go up and down my spine. Wow... 10/10
  6. I want to like this ReMix as it was done for a game I really enjoy(ed), but I can't. It doesn't really fit my taste at all.
  7. I thoroughly enjoyed this remix. I have been longing for a good rock remix of this track and this far exceeded my expectations.
  8. Impressive, relaxing vocals. Great work with the piano here as well. I've had no problems with keeping this remix set under 'Repeat' in my audio player. *thumbs up*
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