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  1. Hi OC, I've always thought this was the best part of the DS game Suikoden Tierkreis. The actual game's intro doesn't have the vocals, but I really like the song. Seems like the magicians at OC could play around with this in many ways. thanks!
  2. blind's Jenova Celestial and White Skies remix are 2 of my favorite songs ever. Ever. FF7's Fading Entity is also badass. This guy knows his stuff.
  3. i'm pretty impressed overall with the FF13 soundtrack, but this stood out as my favorite. It made me stop playing for a few mins and listen...the sign of a great video game track.
  4. This song is screaming to be remixed. Absolutely stellar. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZlgT3bfVVsk
  5. blind continues to be my favorite remixer on OCR and anywhere else. the vocals match perfectly with the beat. I was particularly touched by his write-up - you can sense that he put a lot of work and passion into this remix. I will be listening to this for years. thanks OCR and blind for continually putting out the highest quality game music year after year.
  6. this song has the 2nd highest playcount on my list (109 plays) it's SO perfect. Very dark sounding, and the vocals are stunning. 10/10, a GORGEOUS remix oceanfire!!!
  7. Hi there, been visiting OC since the beginning, but this is my first post. this is a fantastic remix. i often think OC is the best site on the internet (for me, a video game music loving fanatic) because of the creativity fans of games can show in such a concrete way. This is such a unique remix that it's a breath of fresh air from the normal Ice Cap Zone remixes. I think, while it does sound a bit like Eminem, it has it's own distinct flavour...it feels more mellow than Mockingbird and I don't even see a problem with a resemblance. You should be proud of this remix, it has a permanent spot on my list. Just awesome.
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