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  1. What kind of art are you looking for? Because while I can't draw for shit, I can get some existing art Photo-shopped into something even Dr. Wily himself would approve of.
  2. That is the greatest audio file I've ever heard. If you one day become rich and famous, expect me to blackmail you with that.
  3. Okay. I'm not a ReMixer, but if there's any other way I can help with this project (I doubt it, but I want to offer), I'd like to. I've been a huge fan of Mega Man since I was four, and I've been waiting for OCR to host a project.
  4. That's the same intro theme from Mega Man X2 on the SNES. Xtreme 2 was basically a port of the SNES version, but with obviously better music.
  5. I really hope that Dark Gaia doesn't get cut from this, just because that'll be a killer ReMix if done right.
  6. Having looked at the Crescendo to Chaos forum, and listening to Doomsday's WIP of Sigma's themes... I stand corrected and humbled. It fucking rocks.
  7. That's way too much Shade Man. Admittedly, he's got the best Robot Master music of Mega Man 7, but... oh my freak, that's way too much Shade Man.
  8. I looked for the WIP, but couldn't find it. Anyway, I was pretty much agreeing with him about the source material thing. Sigma's music is probably tough to do something with, but after hearing the two of you, I'm convinced Doomsday will make it work. ...and to be honest, I prefer the X series. As far as the Mega Man 2 Dr. Wily themes? No more, no more. That's right up there with Far Promise and Schala's theme.
  9. I don't know if it'll help, but here's the source tune for the Mega Man 7 Ending, "A Hero Returns." Just so people can see what it sounds like... Mega Man 7: A Hero Returns
  10. I hadn't even seen that one. Thanks, Kureejii! Think anybody'll take the Mega Man 7 request? EDIT: That ReMix you gave me was awesome, Kureejii. Thanks. And DarkeSword, that was seriously some of the best stuff, ever.
  11. Oh, I screwed up. I didn't mean to combine them, I meant seperate themes. S'why Pi-r-squared said no. But honestly, you've got better source material if you chose Dr. Wily instead of Sigma. The Mega Man 3, Mega Man 4, Mega Man 6, and Mega Man 7 Wily Battle themes are much better pieces that most all of Sigma's battle themes. Mega Man 3: http://music.atomic-fire.com/mp3/src_org_rm3/21%20-%20Final%20Battle.mp3 Mega Man 4: http://music.atomic-fire.com/mp3/src_org_rm4/27%20-%20Final%20Battle.mp3 Mega Man 6: http://music.atomic-fire.com/mp3/src_org_rm6/24%20-%20Final%20Battle.mp3 But with you up to four minutes? That seems like a -lot- of work to abandon, so.