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  1. Nah, I think it was just a gag.
  2. My favorite part of that episode is definitely when Sonic gets a 1-Up from using Luigi to kill a bunch of Koopas in a row.
  3. Man these get better every time. It's too bad they take sooooo long to come out, but it never ceases to be fun to watch.
  4. I have no idea how that show got renewed. I tried so hard to like it, but it bored me to tears.
  5. It was fun, and leaves no doubt that it is a Tarantino movie.
  6. Well I don't mind so much that we have actual plot between the robots fighting, but I would much rather learn about one of the secondary transformers than spend a half hour with Sam's new roommate or his parents.
  7. I just hope that the third one spends more time with the transformers and less time with the unnecessary human secondary characters. I really hope this movie has a longer cut on DVD since the last half of the movie felt like pieces had been chopped out of it to move along faster.
  8. I didn't have a problem with Soundwave not joining the battle so much as the fact that they made like 30 Decepticons and never bothered to introduce us to any of them. Ultimately, I think the first movie was better since it was much more cohesive and they actually highlighted each Transformer that was used. I think this movie suffers mostly from "OMGWEREAT2HRSALREADY?!" syndrome, where instead of editing the middle of the movie to move things along instead of dicking around, they chop out all kinds of stuff from the end so that it ends faster.
  9. This is precisely why I enjoyed the movie. In a word, it was "fun." It has some big problems with characters randomly and inexplicably appearing from nowhere, a rail gun that stops being used for no apparent reason, waaaaaay too much lame sexual humor only funny to 13 year olds discovering that boys and girls are different, and a rather anti-climatic ending, but it was fun. It is the cartoon come to life and is completely unapologetic about it. A question on the score, supposedly Jablonski worked in the original Transformers theme and "The Touch" from the movie, but I never heard either. Did anyone catch that at some point?
  10. Overrides from people with lower authority. The order not to return to Earth came from the President.
  11. I'm sorry I missed that you missed the short. Yes, you were cheated. It was a great set up for the movie and quite amusing.
  12. Not for people no, but they were not people. They were robots. One of the themes of the movie was that Wall-E and Eve and the other robots working with them expanded beyond their programming.
  13. What robots being evil? You mean the ship's computer? He wasn't evil. He was following his programming/orders.
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