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  1. I'm really enjoying this album. Afterburner is currently my favorite song. Congratulations!!
  2. No it's not. Listen to some Brazilian funk and you'll see how much you're wrong. I think everyone has at least one genre they'd prefer to cut their ears off than to listen to it.
  3. There were lots of people in unmod who cared about the music on the site and enjoyed it, including myself. The ratio wasn't nearly 95/5, as djp said, but more like 75% that cared vs. 25% that didn't.
  4. He wanted to steal it from you from the start.
  5. People are very dissapointed with this entire situation, and I don't think the new forum will be nearly as lively as unmod was. All the funny people are banned anyway. As gorveg said, it wasn't the deletion itself that bothered everyone, but the lack of respect the community was treated.
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