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  1. Long story short: My iPod was stolen from my car, and I lost all my MP3s. All have been replaced except for the songs from this Japanese video game remix group called I-Chu. They have fantastic stuff, but only 2 songs are on youtube: and Has anyone heard of them before? Does anyone have/know where I can get their stuff?
  2. Main rig is Melchior, Media Server is Balthasar, Spare machine is Caspar. Laptop 1 is Arbalest, old junky laptop is Codarl. (referring to Evangelion and Full Metal Panic, not Bible/Chrono Trigger)
  3. Barney is the only singing dinosaur out there, and I'll be DAMNED if anyone is going to say otherwise.
  4. Assuming youre on the same internet I am, theres already quite a lot (read: massive) support for that.
  5. I'm actually quite surprised Enterprise has so much support. I always thought the Trekkies hated it. And maybe thats why I love it. I'm by no means a Star Trek fan, but damn if that wasn't good TV. Its the only sci-fi series to come close to the awesome of Battlestar Galactica. If you're not a Trekkie, I encourage you to check it out. And if you are, Archer is a badass and you know it. Please, all previous captains were restrained by the Prime Directive. Archer threw a dude in an airlock and sucked out all the oxygen in season 3 as a method of torture to get information. Thats pretty hardcore.
  6. (PC) Elder Scrolls: Morrowind: YES I think its really rare that a RPG comes along that is so damned good. Perhaps a little bit of balance is in order (the game is crazy easy as a thief), but I believe however, the PC version deserves this nomination. Morrowind and Oblivion have succeeded so well because of the massive amount of user generated content for them. The game already has near infinite replay value, and the content expands upon it and gives you new places to experience that replay value in. Don't get me wrong though - Oblivion was great. But they took out some freedom Morrowind had, and I felt I enjoyed it slightly less. (PC) Knights of the Old Republic: NO I really don't feel this game survived all the hype. On the surface, its not a bad game, but I felt the battle system to be too rigid and clunky. The choices between light and dark were cool, but both led you to the same place, and gave you the same outcomes, until almost the very end. The whole switch from Swashbuckler to Jedi was very poorly executed also. You know all those points you put in your blaster skills? Useless now, you have to use a lightsaber if you want to survive. KOTOR II was a superior game in almost every aspect, except the story felt extremely rushed and had an abrupt end (and indeed, a large portion of it was cut) NOMINATION (PS2) Star Ocean: Til the End of Time Now THIS is one game I can get behind! Alright, so it starts out a little slow. The whole saga on Vanguard III seemed kind of shoehorned in there. Aside from that, its pretty much perfect. Probably one of, if not the best, combat system in any RPG to ever come along, Sakurabas greatest score to date. And who saw that story twist, huh? Its going to be interesting how they handle Star Ocean 4 with that. As far as the voice acting goes... well, at least half of them are good. But how often is there ever solid voice acting in a game?
  7. I write this as someone who is not a comic book fan on the whole, and just saw the first movie 3 weeks ago (have yet to see 2nd) Overall, I agree with the comments about Venom. He came in way, way too late, and he didn't stay evil. Topher just kept popping out as to remind you "hey, remember me?" I felt it was poorly done, and Venom was kind of a letdown. I like bizzaro evil spiderman. They should make a movie about that, without all the arrogant bullshit. And finally, Sandman's ending was quite... silly. "Hay, lets leik stop fihting kay." I mean, what the hell. No death, no reason to stop fighting. Just a "I'm sorry", then he flies off to Nantucket. Didn't live up to all the hype, but the huge blockbusters never do. Still, a decent flick. (Bruce Campbell FTW)
  8. I dont see any detail on the full story there... I had in fact, read they are working on TWO games. The one you speak of, is going to be announced in South Korea. I think this is painfully obvious that it will be Starcraft related. Then, on a completely unrelated subject, Blizzard is also starting work on a next gen MMO. This will either be an exapansion to WoW, such as Northrend (seems kind of strange to call an expansion next-gen though), or more likely, Diablo/A new franchise. For the love of all that is unholy be Diablo 3.
  9. I played in the closed beta of this when it was called Granado Espada. Kinda cool, for the most part. The grind is very WoW-like, in that it goes fast - certainly not your average Korean MMO. While the 3 person thing is cool, it doesnt really change anything. For big takedowns you still need to be in a party, and 1 character is too weak to handle anything on his or her own. By biggest problem with the game is also one of the coolest things about it. Its very frantic and fast, and very much supports the "quantity over quality" style of leveling. Because its really hard to keep clicking on enemies that die in 2 seconds, they have an "autoattack" feature that just goes after any enemies around you. Well, this basically lets you sit in a dungeon, you hit spacebar, and come back a few hours level with your nice and shiny new levels, assuming you have a healer. No loot, but its essentially perfectly legit botting. They need to deal with that, or else the game is basically Progress Quest. + Neat looking graphics + Fun and fast gameplay + Great Music + Cool Voices + A Lot of Quests - Virtually no character customization - A built in "bot mode" - Dull story and quests - Little to no variety in skills (the level 14 skill is almost always better in every way than the level 10 one)
  10. As long as no product is being sold, I don't think its spam...
  11. Hooray, more judge hate. Not to say its unfounded, I agree. I dont like most of the mixes the judges pass, but I really like a lot of the WIPs that get rejected. No offense to any of the mixers out there - you are all really talented, just that the only stuff that gets posted is too improvisational and deviates too far from the source. Anywho, go to vgmix to get your music fix, stay here for the forums. Just sayin'
  12. I work as a firedog at Circuit City, I cant vouch for the other CCity stores, but I love it. Great place to work - its a really great company. It seems the firedogs have a lot more freedom than the others, in terms of setting schedules for themselves to get the job done, and managing the PC repair side of the business. Best Buy sucks. Anywho, I get paid $11/hr, and some really great benefits. The twice a year raises are really nice too. Being a PC Tech is great - you dont have to deal with customers nearly as often, except for those tards who who ask you to help them because "everyone else looked busy" You need to be MCDST certified however. If youre not and you know what youre doing though, theyll train you. Theyre pretty good in general about training their techs. Im working on my 3rd cert through them. Not that I really think I need them, but if theyre picking up the tab for it and letting me do it on company time, why the hell not. I wouldnt count on many tips, of course. Sometimes a cool customer slips me a $5 every month or so. Its better when I get to do in-homes, I usually get tipped about 50% of the time in the neighborhood of $10-$20. Those are more rare, however. /really not paid to say all this //I just think its a great company, and I like my job. EDIT: Getting back to what the Coop said about quotas, you are held to acheive a certain % of your sales with Installations (PC/TV) and City Advantage (extended warranty). Ive never seen anyone fired for it, just having to do individual training with leaders and the department managers until they get better. Usually its just having the confidence to offer it enthusiastically, and people snatch it up. There was one guy who lacked the drive, I suppose, and they let him transfer to warehouse. Again, ive never seen ANYONE fired for poor sales results.
  13. If I heard this news, I would have posted it as well. This is really quite fascinating. Thank you for bringing it to my attention. /not sarcasm, really do find this fascinating
  14. I like MacOS being based on Unix, and it is the prettiest OS out there. On the other hand, nothing supports it, and it can be very annoying to work with. Hows about everyone just drops support for Windows all at once and moves to Linux.
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