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  1. For all the talk of hunters being shafted, I've heard people saying that they do pretty much as much damage as they did before, and I did not notice any difference on my level 24 hunter.
  2. I understand that the older games sucked more in general, but with all the massive changes they made to the game, you would think they would try and spruce up some of these aspects.
  3. Umm, why does this game suck so much? Maybe I shouldn't have gotten FFV Advance first, which has better graphics (cleaner, brighter, easier to tell what is going on), a more refined job system, a simpler magic system that isn't a D&D rip-off, a better plot, and is less frustrating in general.
  4. Too bad red Sonic is broken.
  5. I made a character select screen mock-up. I think it is pretty accurate to how it will be in the actual game.
  6. But it's the only way to play Marth! Also, it's a fun way to play Falco, since he moves forward with his forward smash. I WILL CHASE YOU WITH MY KICK!
  7. I think Marth is a fine role model for young homosexual men everywhere.
  8. I thought they said they would like to have it online, but that the online feature might not support 4-player battles. Lets be honest with ourselfs, no one really will really mind that much if there are no 4-player online battles.
  9. Maybe he could somehow take control of your character with one.
  10. If you didn't notice, the "electric powers" you speak of appeared when ANY character attacked another, along with a slight pause, a la the "hit lag" that occured when a character was hit in the original Smash Bros. Also, the new Fox looks dumb, dumb, dumb.
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