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  1. Love it. Absolutely love it. You've done the original material a very decent justice.
  2. This is remix is good, if not great. It isnt an instant favourite of mine, but it is one I like to listen to every now and then. Funny thing is whenever I do I always picture Jeremy Clarkson having a psycho-fit with some Ferrari Enzo or the likes. Very funny, very nice. A dichotomy to all GT games in existance =3
  3. Simple. Sweet. Sound. I think this remix is just perfect. When you consider that most of all the remixes here include some sort of "zomgCLIMAX" at the end of the song, or thereabouts, you begin to tire of the same ol', same ol'. Just once in a while something like this remix refreshes your mind, body and soul with some very simple, if not damn sweet, tunes. I like this remix. I like it alot, which is interesting to note since I am very fickle with what I like.
  4. Can you say "Cute" in thirteen different languages? Because whenever I hear this song I cannot shake the image of a million cute things from my head! Excellent, just absolutely excellent. The choice for instruments was perfectly decided and the melody just won't quit until you're bobbing up and down like a 5 year old high on E-numbers. If SEGA ever decide to make a next-gen Sonic game with Sonic 2's style of special stages, then I'd recommend this track above all else. Great job Darke, this is one to remember =D
  5. In a nutshell: Excellent in parts, thin in others. The beat, instruments, tempo, and overall electric feel really do add something special to an already amazing track (the original was what kept me playing the game again and again =3). Its got the kind of rhythm that won't let your feet or head sit still, but at the same time the instruments don't feel like they're giving enough "oomph" to the remix. Also, the ending felt... cliched? Or maybe that's just me... Jivemaster beat Beatdrop to using the jutter effect during the chorus (or 2:01 - 2:04), which is a shame since that would have really boosted the remix. Its interesting to note where Beatdrop ruled is where Jivemaster stumbled, et visa versa (IMO). The intro to this remix suits it nicely, compared to a rather deafening bass line in Jivemaster's "rAAw Battery". Yet Jivemaster hit it spot on with the chorus, while Beatdrop's seemed to falter. I love this, and yet I groan about it. This track is nice once in a while, but don't expect to be putting it on "Repeat 1" anytime soon... Maybe the two songs should be combined? Only time will tell...
  6. With this mix there's about 3 seconds of warning that this is one massive heavy fest throughout, before the guitars rip through your ear drum and chisel you out a new cerebral cavity. It took me a little while to get used to such an abrupt intro, but once that was behind me I couldn't get enough of this mix. Fantastic stuff, definetly worth 3 minutes of your life (or make that 300?).
  7. I have heard this Remix about 50 times over, each time I go into a state of almost ecstasy at the sheer beauty this piece reflects. I can't get enough, and even then, it's all I'll ever want (for a long while). Kudos to you by the bucket loads!
  8. This song blows my mind away... Kinda reminds me of Nobuo Uematsu and his works on the FFVII: AC OST, especially the solos in One Winged Angel. Don't stop the urge if you ever desire to make another!
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