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  1. I've been totally blown away by this remix. It's good rock, and a fantastic remix. In fact, it is everything a remix should be: it is a creative re-interpretation of the original theme. I don't feel like I'm listening to just another in the endless stream of Mario remixes with this one. I feel like I'm listening to a fully original, inventive song idea with tasty bits of Mario thrown in for pleasure. DOWNLOAD THIS. Pity this is the only song submitted by dimmer. I'd download whatever else he posted without hesitation.
  2. OMG LEGEND OF KYRANDIA REMIX!!!!!!!!!!1111 You have no IDEA how long I've been looking for either a copy or a remix of the Kyrandia theme music....I go to OC Remix....and there it is waiting for me! THANK YOU. ....If you ever feel like doing ANOTHER remix of it, I'd be tickled even pinker.