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  1. Whoa, thanks for the long review. I'll check out and try everything you suggested. I've never took any music classes or played any instruments, so I sort of don't know what everything does. I sort of just bought FL7 on a sudden impulse to mess with music. Which is why my music isn't top quality... ...Or no where near
  2. Always thought this was the best track from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. It's a remix of the Windmill Hut track, and it's made in 3/4th time (except for the beginning). I don't plan on submitting this to OCR anytime soon, if ever at all. Really looking for some feedback and what I should do next. I'm thinking about adding in some rain and/or lightning. Good idea?, and if so, where do you think it would fit best? You can find the song here.
  3. Yeah, I'm going to mess around with them and see if I can get something better. I plan on putting in the next part, but a fast hihat? I need to try that out. My one main problem with making music, is the darn percussion. I can never make anything good and it always turns out repetitve. Like, nothing but a 4th kick the whole way through and stuff. Any tutorials on how to make good percussion? Haha, doubt it
  4. It's sounding really good so far dude. The only thing I didn't like (Not really a big deal, just a tad weird sounding) was the "are you ready" soundclip. Can't wait to see this finished
  5. This really sounds like a song you would hear in Sonic Adventure. It sounds great man!
  6. Kind of got bored and toyed around with some synths and got this little tidbit. It's nothing special, maybe something I'll try and finish if I can get any ideas. Right now it's just sort of straight foward, I plan on changing it around but I came up with this in 15 minutes. The kick is weak, or atleast I think so. Any ideas on what I could do? Link is here
  7. Thanks Chris, and Atlus. I will try what you guys said and see what I can do =P Also, I removed the "bashing" in my first post, haha.
  8. I had lost my PC for a while, so my old thread died, but I'm alive, don't worry. This is a remix of Boomerang Kuwanger's stage (It was a tower, hahaha), and I tried to make it sound like a Club/Rave song. So please, as always, strict feedback and criticism is what I need. BEWARE: REPETITIVENESS ENSUES! A cheap midi version of the original, haha. http://www.vgmusic.com/music/console/nintendo/snes/SNES_MMX_Boomer_Kuwanger_V1.mid My remix. http://www.sendspace.com/file/762e9r
  9. Haha, it sounds different. But I like it =D And wow, someone besides me that actually lives in Georgia XD
  10. Kraid = Hell yeah! Rap = Pretty cool. Kraid Rap remix = OH SNAP SOOOOONNN!
  11. Wow man. I've always loved the music in Sonic Spinball, and this remix is spectacular.
  12. The original song was good, and this sounds like it will be a good remix. I'm not good when it comes to giving feedback, so all I can say is, "Good luck!, You'lllllll need it!" (Can anyone guess what game that was from?)
  13. Wow. The entire time I was listening I was just smiling. It made me feel really happy inside Now I really want to make something like this. Mind tell me what you used in this song?
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